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Summer Reading-Meet Creativity At The Library

Kay teacher, quilter, jewelry maker, fiber designer, and doll maker talked to the kids about creativity and thinking outside the box. Mrs. Grimminger is Mrs. Rosheim's mom!
Sharing Mrs. Thormod's creative outlet...dancing!

Practicing the Cupid Shuffle!

Practice makes perfect!

Making bracelets!

Getting creative ourselves!

Bill Cardwell, Famous Liberty drum maker talked to the kids and teachers about his creative life. He has even made a drum set for Ringo Starr. The teachers and parents were very impressed...the kids not so much:).

Mr. Cardwell is Mrs. Jellison's (LC 3rd grade teacher) father!

Lots of questions following his presentation!

Summer Reading Fun-Color Your World

Great Sidewalk Chart Art-Inspired by the book, Ish

Marker Magic!
Watercolor Creations!

Summer Reading Fun-Tune In At Your Library

Dancing Away!
Getting Funky!

Creating Rain Sticks!

Making it rain in the library!

Summer Reading Fun-Act Up At Your Library

Everyone joined in!
Great Puppet Shows!

Working in groups to put on a play or puppet show!

Making Puppets!

Summer Reading Fun-Move It At Your Library

We had a great time is the proof!