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Page Turners Start The Morning Off Right!

Our Page Turner's Book Club has started for the 2010-2011 school year. We are looking forward to adopting shelves, reviewing books, blogging, and of course READING. Check out our photos below...what a great way to start the day! Any student in grades 3-5 may join us. Just see Mrs. Rosheim or Mrs. Haynes for a permission slip.

Summer Reading Lists

Don't forget to keep updating your summer reading lists! Please turn your list into the LC library by August 27th so you can join in our annual Summer Reading Celebration!

Finishing Books Right and Left

Finished The Search For Delicious and Look Again. Both books were very good! Now I am moving on to a book that many of you will recognize...The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan. This is the first book in The Kane Chronicles. Be sure to check out his website for more information on this book. Two of my three kids have read the book and loved it. I will let you know what I think. If you have already read, please share your thoughts.

Happy Summer!

I hope all of you are having a fantastic summer. I know I certainly am. I love coming home from my early morning working out, drinking my latte, and reading the paper in kids are still sleeping. I have had a lot more time to read. Besides reading the paper from front to back each morning, I am catching up on my magazine pile, reading lots of blogs to get great ideas for next year's lessons, and of course enjoying some great books. I always tell you guys that I only read one chapter book at a time so you certainly don't need to check out 5 chapter books at one time. However, I may need to think about that again...I am currently reading a "kids" book called The Search For Delicious and an "adult" book called Look Again. I am finding that this is working for me. I have enjoyed seeing many of you all over the grocery store, the *public library*, the pool, summer school, and even cross country running camp. You are all as busy as …

Mystery Readers 2010

Wow, forty five 3rd graders met my challenge to read ALL 26 A to Z Mysteries written by Ron Roy. We celebrated with a mystery party...the kids didn't know the day or time of the party. I can't reveal anything else or it won't be a mystery for next year's readers.
Way to be independent readers!

Caldecott Celebration 2010

Twenty Two 2nd graders met the challenge to read and report on 12 or more Caldecott winning books. We just had to celebrate...with milk and cookies of course. These great readers also picked out a free book to enjoy this summer. Way to be independent readers!

Wishing For Tomorrow by Hilary McKay

Wishing for Tomorrow is a very good book! It's about a girl who went away with the Indian gentlemen and Lavinia is trying to find a new interesting life. Lottie (next door neighbor) is still busy making mischief same as the red headed boy on the other side of the street. Alice their new maid brings a breath of fresh air and sends Lavinia to a new school and she misses her friend very much as well as her best friend Emergarde. Will Emergarde ever find her own way and be happy? Will her friend ever come back? Read this book to find out what happens as Hilary McKay opens your mind to Wishing for Tomorrow!!!
Reviewed by Emma

Calling All Rick Riordan Fans

Author Rick Riordan has a new series about Egyptian Gods. The series is called The Kane Chronicles and the first book is The Red Pyramid
The first book was released on May is a brief summary. "When a magical accident unleashes the Egyptian gods into the modern world, Carter and Sadie Kane discover that they are descended from the most powerful Egyptian magicians, and only they have the power to set things right!"
You can read or listen to the first chapter on Mr. Riordan's website: ENJOY!
Book 2: Coming spring 2011
Book 3: Coming spring 2012

2009-2010 KC3 Award Announced

Third Grade Readers the final KC3 voting results are in…

Coming in third place was Remembering Mrs. Rossi, second place was Bethany Hamilton, and the winner of the 2009-2010 KC3 Award is Stinky and Successful: The Riot Brothers Never Stop by Mary Amato. Lewis and Clark readers also picked Stinky and Successful as our school winner. Check out the comment that Lewis and Clark readers recieved from author Mary Amoto herself... "Mary Amato said...
Hurray!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed Stinky and Successful. Keep reading and laughing, Lewis and Clark! " Check out her funny acceptance speech at...

The Incorrigible Children Of Ashton Place: The Mysterious Howling

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a wolf stayed in your house? Well when Miss Penelope Lumley finds out she's a governess for Alexander, Beowulf and Cassiopiea who were raised by wolves she drastically changes their lives. Miss Penelope is only 19 years old! Plus the fun kept on coming when Lady Constance has her party ruined! Read to find out more about these rascals.

Reviewed by Grace

My Garden by Kevin Henkes

In the book My Garden there is a girl
that wants to have a garden.
Her garden will have a jelly bean bush,
invisible carrots, buttons, and much more.
Read this book to find out what else this crazy
girl does to her garden!!!

Reviewed by Abby

Lucky by Wes Tooke

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the dugout at a professional baseball game? Have you ever wanted to be an arm's length away from Roger Maris or Mickey Mantle? Well, Wes Tooke takes you on an exciting trip to the past. Lucky stars Louis, a common baseball and Yankees fan. Louis is one of the biggest Yankees' fan ever. He spends every time he gets with his baseball cards. But one day, Louis and his father go to a Yankees' game, changing Louis' life forever. A foul ball comes heading towards Louis and he catches an amazing ball. The Yankees see and have one thing in mind for a kid like that. Louis is soon turned into a batboy for the New York Yankees. What will happen to Louis when he finds out that baseball isn't all about numbers? Read Lucky by Wes Tooke to find out.
Reviewed by Justen

Cloud Tea Monkeys By Mal Peet and Elspeth Graham

Cloud Tea Monkeys is about a little girl who leaves with her mother and a few other people to visit a plantation. On her off time she visits the monkeys. The little monkeys trust her so much they play with her hair while their mothers take naps. I would rate this book a 4 out of 5 because it was very interesting to me so you shoud read it to find out the end yourself.

Reviewed by Abbie

Hip & Hop, Don't Stop! By:Jef Czekaj

This book Hip and Hop, Don't Stop! is about Hip the turtle and Hop the rabbit who don't stop rapping. Hip and Hop are very different with their raps. They meet each other at the Rap Off. I wouldrate this book a 3 out of 5 because it was a interesting but I have to say it was not the best book to me... but read this book and tell me if you like it.

Reviewed by Melanie

Lunch Lady

Wow! The Lunch Ladies in this book are nothing like you've ever seen before. They are involved in action and other unbelievable stuff. They even stopped an author from doing causing problems in the school. These lunch ladies come ready for action. They will save you from bad things... they'll even fight bunnies. So... GO LUNCH LADIES! GO LUNCH LADIES!

Reviewed by Sierra

Book Club Rocks!

Born Yesterday

You probably would think that a baby would just say gee gee gaa gaa. But this baby doesn't. He has a little diary. This book takes you and the baby on many aventures. I liked this book because the baby does so many funny things. So read this book and see what the book Born Yesterday is all about.
Reviewed by Tyler

Extra Credit

This is just another awesome book by Andrew Clements!!! Extra Credit-The title says it all! A girl, Abby Carson is failing 6th grade. She has to get a B or better on every test for the rest of the school year! But even that won't cut it! Abby needs Extra Credit! She decided to write to a girl in Kabul,Afghanistan! The girls' name is Amira. She isn't awesome at English so her older, smarter brother Sadeed helps write the letters. Their conversations are about planting to mountains to family troubles. Will this letter writing be enough to get Abby Carson to 7th grade? Read this awesome book to find out!

Reviewed by Sami

Dragonbreath: Attack of the Ninja Frogs

In the book, Dragonbreath Attack of the Ninja Frogs three friends Danny, Suki and Wendell became friends. Suki is new to school, she moved from China. One day Suki got attacked by ninja frogs and Danny and Wendell saw it all so they tried to help her. They then the took all of the ninja frogs to the ninja castle. You'll have to read it to see what happens.:)

I think this book was OK... not a book I would read... just because its not my type of book.

Reviewed By Jaxen

Caldecott Challenge 2010!

Second grade students have until May 10th to complete a Caldecott Reading Challenge. This voluntary challenge encourages students to read the beautiful award winning books and complete a comprehension card about each book. Students need to read 12 Caldecott books in order to be invited to a Milk and Cookie Reading Celebration. This is a great program to work on perseverance and working toward a long term.

Why are these girls reading so intently...

...they are on a mission! The Annual Lewis and Clark 3rd Grade A to Z Mystery Challenge has begun! From now until May 24th any third grader may elect to read all 26 A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy. It is amazing to see kids reading while taking a bathroom break and even while waiting to be picked up after school. Kids who complete the challenge are invited to a MYSTERY PARTY at the end of the school year. The time, place, and treat at the party is also mystery:). So, third grade, keep reading and responding to those books!

The Extraordinary Mark Twain (According to Susy)

I think this book is the best book in the world. The journal entires and pictures are good. My favorite journal entry is on page 4. I think you should read this book. It is awesome! Mark Twain was a good man. He was a famous author.

Reviewed by Aaron

Amelia Earhart By: Sarah Stewart Taylor and Ben Towle

Amelia Earhart is a book that is written in a graphic novel format. It talks about The Dead Man's Bay. The Dead Man's Bay is a rocky place out in the sea and by a bay. All sailboats that try to pass, crash into the rocks. This book is also about Amelia taking her first flight and becoming famous.

I would rate this book a 3 out of 5 (1 being the worst and 5 being the best) I rated this book a 3 because I do not like graphic-novel because they are hard to read and understand but you might like it.

Reviewed by: Abbie

Hip-Pocket Papa By: Sandra Markle

Hip-Pocket Papa is a nonfiction book about Male Hip-Pocket Frogs. These frogs are really tiny. They are no bigger than a human thumbnail. If I had to re this book one to five (one being the worst and five being the best)I would give it a four. I would give it a four because this book tells some really good and cool information about Male Hip-Pocket Frogs like Male Hip-Pocket Frogs have a lot of responsibilities. Here is a responsiblity that Male hip-Pocket Frogs, stay away from predators. BIG TIME! Do you know why this is a big responsiblity for the Male Hip-Pocket Frogs? Read this book to find out.

Reviewed by Melanie

Landmark 2010 Results!

Woo Hoo! Lewis and Clark placed 2nd among 26 other teams from around the world in the Landmark Game 2010. We are really excited about being one of the top teams. Most importantly, we are really pleased with what we learned along the way. We became expert researchers by using all types of research tools including...encyclopedias, atlases, almanacs, globes, nonfiction books, computer databases, and the internet. We learned so much along the way ( teachers even gained new knowledge) and we are very appreciative of the time and effort that Terry Smith, the game moderator, put into the game to make it a success once again! Thank you Mr. Smith! Check out the Landmark website...

Attention Captain Underpants Fans!

Good News for all you Captain Underpants readers out there...Dav Pilkey is writing about Captain Underpants once again. Read this exerpt of an article written by By HILLEL ITALIE
(AP National Writer) in the Kansas City Star...

Break out the briefs and red cape, if you dare. More tales of "Captain Underpants" are coming.
Author Dav Pilkey has agreed to write four more of the multimillion-selling series that helped establish the giggly genre known as "poop fiction." The first book, "The Adventures of Ook and Gluk, Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future," comes out in August with a worldwide printing of 1 million copies, Scholastic announced Thursday.
"I think fans of Captain Underpants will be very happy with this new book," Pilkey said in a statement Thursday. "It has all of the action, laffs and ridiculousness that kids love, plus all the unapologetic irreverence and questionable potty humor that grumpy curmudgeons love to complain about. It's got…

Roland Smith Is Amazing!

On Monday, March 15th I took my own 3 kids to the Literature Festival in Warrensburg, Missouri. We had a great time seeing 4 great authors! We ALL especially loved the presentation by Roland Smith. I have seen him speak ten to fifteen times, but it never gets old. He is an amazing speaker and really captures the audiences' attention. My kids have been quoting him all week! You MUST check out his website. He writes a blog called, Roland's Journal that will grab your interest if you are keen on becoming a writer yourself. You can follow along as he blogs about his day...what he is writing, what is ready to be submitted, and so on. Check it out...

Mrs. Rosheim is Wimpified!

Go to the following website to wimpify yourself...

Lewis and Clark Votes! 2009-2010 KC3

Sixty Two Lewis and Clark 3rd graders gathered together on March 3rd to cast their long awaited vote for their favorite KC3 nominee. When all the votes were counted Stinky and Successful: The Riot Brothers Never Stop by Mary Amato was our winner. Now we wait for the state winner to be announced!

Reading Adventure Night-3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade

Wow, what a great evening we had! On the 5th of February, 165 third, fourth, and fifth grade students stayed after school until 7:30pm. We had snacks, played pictionary, made bookmarks, wrote Mad Libs, created comics, listened to a professional storyteller, and of course we read. A huge thanks to all the LC families who donated items to make the night a success and to our FANTASTIC PTA for funding this amazing night. We certainly had fun...see for yourself!