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Kindergarten Makers

My kindergarten kiddos are ending the year with a great learning experience that included inquiry, note-taking, and making.  The idea came from Lori Riedel, the teacher librarian at Warren Hills Elementary here in Liberty.  
We didn't just jump into this research project.  We worked up to it throughout the year by working on several small inquiry projects such as researching as classes to identify an unidentified animal skeleton we had found in a dusty old closet.
Each student adopted a beanie baby animal to measure, weigh, label, and use as a spring board for questioning. Utilizing PebbleGo, my little researchers set out to answer their questions and some basic background information as well.  Following the research portion of their learning, the kids set out to build a habitat for their animal based on what they had learned.  
My kiddos learned so much from this project.   How great researchers record their learning. What to do when they could not find answers to their questions…