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Mrs. Haynes is a DATA DIVA!

Your voice counts at Lewis and Clark! Mrs. Haynes has been crunching the data and reading all of the 784 comments from the student survey taken in January. Results are being shared with all third, fourth, and fifth graders so you know that what you say matters! Thanks Mrs. Haynes for all your hard work that is helping our library program be the best it can be!

Mark Twain Madness Hits the LC Library

Forget basketball, we are talking READING MADNESS at LC! Mrs. Haynes had a fabulous idea to keep our kids excited about reading...fourth and fifth graders are having a friendly competition to see which grade level can read the most Mark Twains by May 16th. The winning fourth grade class will take on the winning 5th grade class. Good Luck to all and keep reading!

Mrs. Haynes and The Lunch Bunch

Mrs. Haynes is meeting with small groups of students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade to read and discuss the 2011-2012 Mark Twain nominee, 11 Birthdays. The groups meet over lunch and share their thoughts, insights, and questions about the book. Thank you Mrs. Haynes for all you do for the kids at Lewis and Clark!

Ravenous Readers Love Books And Pizza!

77 third, fourth, and fifth graders read their way to a pizza celebration. Each of the kids attending read all 10 KC3 or all 12 Mark Twain nominees this year!

History In The Library

Busy Kindergartners!

My kindergarten kids have started a research project about ANTS. We are learning so much. We are learning from books, encyclopedias, and visual and online sources. The KidPix illustrations you see below show us using what we have learned... Ants have three body parts, six legs, two eyes, can be brown, black, red, or even yellow, they live and work in colonies, the queen bee has wings, and so much more.
We are so excited to be learning!

First Grade Researchers

Our fabulous first graders have been working on a research project to learn about ladybugs. We have worked collaboratively and are now moving into some independent learning. We started learning using books and encyclopedia resources and will soon to move to online sources. Check out the kids in action...