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Ancient Rome by Pierre Miquel

The characters are Me (it is a choose your own book), Appius and Caesar.  The setting is Rome, Egypt and Greece.  Last but not least, the plot is that Appius and some other Senators want to kill Caesar but I don't, so when they kill Caesar they get punished by being killed. Reviewed by Mateo

Stolen! by: Wendy Orr

What if you found a stolen pony lost in a park?  If you have, you are like the main charater in this book by Wendy Orr called STOLEN.  This book will set you on a journey about friendship between Amy, Pebbles, and other animals at Rainbow Street Shelter.  Amy is one horse crazy girl who finally learns how to take care of a horse.  If you live and breathe horses like Amy and I, you just might want to checkout this book!                      Reviewed by:  Shay

The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani

Have you ever wondered what the world of fairy tales is like? Well, in the book, School for Good and Evil, every day is a fairy tail. It is magical, funny, and there is a riddle that will keep you turning the pages until the end. You will love this book. I know I did.  My opinion of this book is that it is very fun and you go on lots of adventures. Read this book and your mind will sure be going.      Reviewed by Madison

Kelsy Green Reading Queen by Claudia Mills

Kelsy Green thinks shes the best reader in the class. When she finds out there is a reading contest she's thrilled...until she finds out that Simon has more bookworms than she does.  She plans to take revenge. Find out more by reading  Kelsy Green Reading  Queen. Reviewed by Anna


Do you like to explore?  Well if you do then you would like this book. This story is about a grandpa that is very old but Jake doesn't care.  He loves to explore by himself and with his grandpa.  His Grandpa Billy had always wanted a sod house.  When Billy goes to the hospital you will wonder if he get his sod house and be well.   I think you will love this book just as much as I loved it.  Reviewed by Adelyn

Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens

All about this book...
The book was about Baltimore Ravens.The book was about football.Their spot was AFC.They were in the championship against the Patriots.Their QB was Joe Flacco and he was starter.It was his biggest challenge.They went to the Super Bowl a lot. Reviewed By Josh

Big Nate Flips Out by Lincoln Peirce

Have you had BIG problems with friends? Well Nate has. Nate has 2 friends... Francis (aka the neatness king) and Teddy.  Nate once tried to scramble the letters of his name and got N-E-A-T! but Nate is OBVIOUSLY NOT neat. But when Nate's sloppyness goes OVER THE TOP, Francis is in trouble. Will Nate clean up his act... or will he FLIP OUT FIRST? Read Big Nate Flips Out to find out!! Reviewed by Andrew