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Long Shot by Chris Paul

I think Long Shot is a great book. 3rd graders would love it as much as I did. It's about a boy named Chris who gets treated bad by his brothers basketball team. But he doesn't care. He keeps on trying his best in basketball. Chris Paul went on to become an NBA player and a member of the US Olympic Basketball team.

Reviewed by Jasmyn

Under The Snow By: Melissa Stewart

Do you know what is under the snow when you are ice skating, building snowmen, and even sledding? The book Under The Snow tells you what is under the snow in the fields, forests, ponds, and wetlands. One example is for a few days in a time a chipmunk snoozes. I really enjoyed this book because I learned a lot from it. Read this book to find out what else is under the snow when you are playing on top of the snow!

Reviewed by Melanie

An Angel for Soloman Singer

Soloman Singer lives a lonely, poor, dull life in a hotel room for men only in New York city. His life is so boring that he wanders the streets at night thinking of his happy childhood in Indiana and his dreams. One night Soloman sees a cafe called Westway Cafe. He is hungry so he goes inside and takes a seat. When his waiter comes he orders tomato soup and a balcony for his room, but he dosen't say the balcony out loud. When his waiter comes back, he gives him his soup and tells him to come back tomorrow, so he does. This time he orders two biscuits, some bacon, a large glass of grapefruit juice, and a fireplace, he doesn't say the fireplace out loud though. When his waiter comes back he gives him his order and tells him to come back again so he does. Many nights Soloman Singer goes to Westway Cafe carrying a dream and an order with him and when he ran out of dreams he just starts all over again. He finally learns his waiters name , Angel. See if his dreams come true by check…

Sleep Big Bear Sleep by: Maureen Wright

Old Man Winter is up to a challenge trying to get Big Bear to go to sleep but Big Bear cannot hear very well. Instead Big Bear hears "Sweep Big Bear Sweep." So Big Bear finds a house and starts to sweep the floor. Old Man Winter tries and tries again and again to make Big Bear go to sleep. If you want to know if Big Bear will listen to Old Man Winter or go on sweeping you must read Sleep Big Bear Sleep by Maureen Wright.

Reviewed by Abbie

First and Second Grade Reading Adventure Night

Fun Activities!
Delicious Pizza! A BIG Thank You To The Teachers Who Helped!

Lots And Lots Of Comfy Reading!

Brother John, Our Fabulous Storyteller For The Evening!

A Good Time Was Had By All 113 Kids!
Thanks LC PTA For Supporting This Annual Event!