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Kindergarten Read/Build

Read A Great Book.  Build To Learn.  That is what we do at the beginning of the year in Kindergarten.  This week we read, Ten Little Ninjas by Miranda Paul.  It is a cute counting & rhyming book that found us counting up to 10 and back down again. We then used legos as a quick counting 1-to-1 correspondence practice before checking out new books.

2018-2019 Mark Twain Student Reader Selectors

My readers are SO excited to have the opportunity to make a real impact on next year's Mark Twain Nominee list.  Just a few weeks into the year, and I have more than 15 readers who have already finished this year's list!  As a result, they are starting to read next year's preliminary list of books and rating them so their opinions can help decide on the final 2018-2019 Mark Twain list!  What a great experience for our passionate and ravenous LC readers.  Anyone who finishes the list has the same opportunity until December of 2017! Good Books!  Good Times!

First Page Turner's Book Club Of The Year...

We ARE a school of readers!  

Book Trailers

Last year, I started most library sessions with a book talk, book trailer, book chat, or series highlight as a way to share the love of reading and recommend good books to our readers at LC.  I was thrilled with the enthusiasm around reading as a result of sharing books with one another.

While we viewed some really quality book trailers, I realized I wanted to give my kids a chance to show their creativity and their love of books by producing their very own movie trailers to share with our school community through various avenues.

So, over the summer I set about making plans for the beginning of the year.  As usual, I jumped in with both feet and fell in over my head:) but that is how I roll and get things done!  At Lewis and Clark there are 200 kids creating videos!  Some decided to work alone and others in small groups.

To begin, we viewed A LOT of trailers and wrote down our noticings, good and bad!  From there we selected books and began creating a plan and a storyboard to guide o…