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MakerSpace Goodness

These sweet kiddos set up a lemonade & cookie stand in their neighborhood and donated their $82.00 to our MakerSpace!  They will get to decide what should be purchased for the MakerSpace when we get back to school in August.  
How lucky am I to spend my school days with such great kids!


1.  Research 3 different insects using PebbleGo, nonfiction materials, and online Britannica Encyclopedia.
2.  Use great note-taking skills to record what is learned.
2.  Select the best parts of those 3 bugs to create a new SuperBug.
3.  Give your SuperBug a name, decide what it eats, and determine where it lives [based on what has been learned through inquiry]
4.  Draw that SuperBug.
5.  Gather supplies from the MakerSpace.
6. Make the SuperBug.

Second Grade Caldecott Readers

Second graders at LC participate annually in a Caldecott reading challenge.  This is a great way for me to share information about the Caldecott Medal and give kids the opportunity to focus on award winning books across the years.  It also gives them a glimpse into the GKCReading program that 3rd graders in the Kansas City area read.  After an introduction about the Caldecott Medal, the kids read 12 Caldecott winning books of their choice.  We pull all of our Caldecott winners and have them on a cart only available for our second graders.  We have so many kids reading that I also let our local public library know when the program will start so they can gather more books from their branches.  To celebrate our reading, we have a good old fashioned milk and cookie party.  

So Proud of These Learners!

Because of a Liberty School District Foundation grant, a group of LC students had the opportunity to share our robotics grant with Liberty community members attending a LSDF breakfast on the William Jewell College campus.  All three schools involved in the grant brought students to the event and demonstrated how each of the grant robots work and what they have learned about coding and programming.  The students who represented Lewis and Clark did a fantastic job talking to community members, LSDF representatives, and LPS employees.  It was a great experience!

Third Grade A To Z Mystery Challenge

To finish out the school year with a reading focus, each year I issue an A to Z Mystery challenge to my third graders.  The goal is to read each of the books in Ron Roy's A to Z mystery series.  The kiddos below met that goal and were invited to a mystery party.  When they came to the library for the reading celebration, they found that they needed to answer clues based on the A to Z mysteries and books in our library in order to open the box with the party inside!  Each of those nine pieces of tape could only be removed if the clue was solved.  I am happy to say they did it!