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Fundraising For Books!

Thank you to the LC families that donated books or money during our first annual S.O.S. donation program through Bound To Stay Bound book company.  LC Families and friends purchased 11books and donated another $145.00 that went toward the purchase of additional books. This is the first time we have participated in this donation program and were pleased with the results.  So once again, thank you Lewis and Clark community!

You asked for them, we got them!

This year, Mrs. Haynes and I wrote a Liberty School District Foundation Grant called, Kids' Choice. We were thrilled to have it funded.  We asked the kids what they wanted for THEIR library and we in turn purchased specific books, series, and topics THEY were interested in.  Once the books arrived, the books quickly disappeared from the display table...which is exactly what we wanted to happen.

Summer Reading

Each May, our LC students are given the option of checking our 5 or 10 library books to keep and read over the summer.  This is a great opportunity for kids to get books to read and add to their summer reading lists.  Those backpacks can get pretty heavy weighed down with 10 books...but it is so worth it!  Think of the adventures that await the reader!

Visiting Author, Ann Ingalls

Author Ann Ingalls visited LC and talked to our kindergarten and first grade kiddos. Thank you PTA for this oppportunity to share yet another great experience with our LC students.

Reading Celebrations!

We love to celebrate reaching our reading goals!  Below you will see our Caldecott party photos, pictures from the A to Z Mystery party, and MT/KC3 pizza parties.  Way to read LC!


This year, our students spent much for their time answering essential questions. Some of them included...
•Which astronaut made the biggest impact on the Space Program?
•What president would you add to Mount Rushmore?
•What makes someone a hero?
•What natural disaster effects the earth surface and people the most?
•What country would you want to live in if you did not live in the United States?
Below are some photos that find us researching, learning, collaborating, making decisions based on gathered information, learning new technology to work smarter not harder, and presenting what has been learned.