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Lights on the Nile

Lights on the Nile is an exciting adventure filled with fun. Kepi is kidnapped along with her pet baboon, Babu. They meet many new friends along the way. The kidnappers are not very nice to Kepi. As they travel along city to city and town to town she becomes better friends with the head boater, Menes. Although the other ones may not like her, she mannages to stay strong. I will not tell you about the end. All I'm telling you is that this book is good and you should read it! Reviewed by Ally

Earwig and the Witch

Have you ever wondered about being at a orphanage and getting adopted by a ugly old woman? Well, thats what it's like for Earwig. When Earwig gets adopted by a old woman and a man with horns she doesn't know what to expect.  Does Earwig get turned into a frog or a toad or does she survive and have a perfect life?  Read  Earwig and the Witch to find out.

By Lily

Legends of Zita the Space Girl

Have you ever helped a friend before? Well Zita has. Zita flys into a mysterious planet. When she lands, she sees an angry mob of aliens saying ''We want Zita.''  The aliens think Zita can save the world.  Find out what happens when Zita meets a robot wanting to take her place.  Does the robot help or hurt Zita?  If you like graphic novels, this is the book for you!

Reviewed by Alyssa