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Working our way through the Design Thinking LAUNCH Cycle to build Rube Goldberg Machines.
Look, Listen, and Learn: Read about the man and the machines.  Watch many, many examples.  Ask Questions:Ask and answer questions through the inquiry process Understand:  Looking at our Rube Goldberg guidelines, requirements, and task. Navigate Ideas:Begin planning and designing our machines. Create a Prototype:Begin constructing based on our ideas. Highlight and Fix:Fix what is not working.
Launch To The World!
Rube Goldberg:  A complicated a machine that  completes a simple task.
The photos below show my students in the Navigating stage of the LAUNCH Cycle.  Each group plans a little differently.  Some got right to work drawing and sketching ideas, others started listing step-by-step descriptions of what would happen in their machine, some simply talked things out and had nothing on their paper, others needed materials to think things through.  If there is anything that I have learned it is that planni…

Friday Morning Fourth Grade MakerKid's Club


Catapult Launch Day

This is always an exciting day!  After spending several weeks researching, planning, building, testing, failing, rebuilding, and testing again, we were ready to launch.  Each team or individual gets one practice launch and two official launches. Our launches varied from a few inches to 18 feet.  Following the launch we always embark on reflection and learning from the process.

Kindergarten Builders and Problem-Solvers

Mission:  Using the supplies provided, build a contraption to help the Little Red Hen carry flour. Supplies:  TinkerToys, Yarn, Bucket, 5 lb Bag of Flour Focus:  Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Fun

Just Keep Reading!

Our 4th and 5th graders are reading up a storm!  These cards represent the kiddos who have read 4 or more Mark Twain Nominees and are already eligible to vote for their favorite title in February.  Many have already read all 12 nominees and are working on the Lewis & Clark Above and Beyond list.  I am so thankful for our teachers who, during their very busy days, encourage and challenge their students to read great books.   Mrs. Haynes tracks all this reading like a boss!

Adopt A Shelf

A highlight for our Page Turner's Book Club members is adopting a shelf to care for throughout the year.  They keep the shelf looking spiffy and display great books. 

My Reading Year...

Mrs. Haynes Talking Books

Mrs. Haynes shares a funny selection from Never Say Genius the second book in the Genius Files Series by Dan Gutman.  We share a book trailer and/or booktalk a new book or series to encourage reading each time classes come in.  It only takes about 3-5 minutes, but it has been so worth the time.  Sometimes I read a picture book...even to 5th graders!  So much to love about a fantastic picture book!