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A Peek Into Our Genius Hour Projects

Setting Up A MakerSpace

About a year ago I set out to bring a MakerSpace to my elementary school library. Because of a grant that I was awarded, a write up about our library program through MASL (Missouri Association of School Librarians), and a Principal team who often presents PD around the area, I have had MANY visitors to our library MakerSpace.  After spending countless hours answering emails and questions about the space, I have finally taken some time to formally write down a bit of what I have learned along the way.  I certainly am not an expert on MakerSpaces and continue to learn everyday how to make my program better.  I continue to read professional materials, visit other MakerSpaces, and search far and wide for new opportunities for my students.  However, I hope the information and experience I now have can give others a step up in...
Planning and Implementation of a MakerSpace!

Experiencing Henry Cole

On Friday, March 13th, thirteen 5th graders who had read all twelve 2014-2015 Mark Twain Nominees experienced an amazing author visit.  Author and illustrator Henry Cole amazed us all with his amazing storytelling skills, drawing expertise, and comical relief!  What a great event to end the week!  Way to read kiddos!

The Lion Who Stole My Arm by Nicola Davies

How would you like it if a lion stole your arm? Well, a boy named Pedru had his arm stolen by a lion in an nighttime attack. Pedru wants to avenge this lion who stole his arm. But he’s going to need some help. Pedrus dad is the best hunter in the village! Pedru asks his dad to help him hunt, he says yes! They’re going to need some gear so they grab spears and set out the next day. Soon they have come across many lions but they are looking for one in particular. They hide in lots of places to try to hunt down the lion who stole Pedru’s arm. But will they find the lion? Read to find out. Reviewed by: Paige M.

Reading Night 2015