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The Boston Tea Party by Russel Freedman

What would you think when you heard the saying "The Boston Tea Party"?  Most people would think that it's a place to have tea in Boston.  Well, it wasn't exactly that. The Boston Tea Party was on a ship, but they still carried a lot of tea. The people that were on the ship, had to deliver all of the tea into Boston but then...Well, if you want to find out more, then I guess you'll just have to readmore about this exciting book! by: Audrey

The Junk Yard Wonders by Patricia Polacco

Do you know anyone with special needs?  Well Trisha does. She has trouble with reading and is devastated when she finds out that she is in a special needs class.  Everyone in her class has something wrong with them.  One kid grows to fast and one kid can barely see. Trisha just might find the good in these troubled kids. Find out in the book The Junk Yard Wonders by Patricia Polacco.  I would rate this book 4 stars and I would reccomand this book to people who love a sad story that can warm your heart .                                           

Reviewed by Jericho

Liveley Rocks

This story is about old and new rocks. It is called Lively Rocks. There are beautiful rocks and they can be made for jewelry.  Some are blue, yellow, green, pink, gray, black, and white on the inside. They also can be used to make floors and walls.  Some can even be polka dotted or striped.  Over the years they become beautiful rocks.  Even astroids and planets are made out of rock.  I think you should read this book!
By Morgan