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Collaboration Is Our Culture!

At first glance you may look at this photo and think that what you see is a group of kids sitting and watching another student roll a Sphero Robotic Ball.  What actually happens before, during, and after this photo is pure unsolicited collaboration between kids.  Here is what really went down this morning in our Library Maker Center...
Mrs. Raney's 5th grade class was in the library working on their Genius Hour projects and Mrs. Neth's 3rd grade class was in checking out books.  Corbin (5th grader) was busy working hard on his Sphero obstacle course.  Naturally, as the third grade kiddos finished checking out, their attention turned toward the Sphero. They quietly started to gather around and watch what Corbin was working on.  I was working in another area of the library when I heard a loud group groan that got my attention.  When I arrived near the group, it was clear to see that Corbin ALMOST made it through his obstacle course after many unsuccessful tries.  What happened …
This Genius Hour session is coming to an end for third, fourth, and fifth grade students.  February 27th is when we will begin working on our final presentations that will include:                                          * their initial learning goal *an explanation if their goal was meet or not and why *thinking about their failures and how they learned from them *their most important learning *reflecting on the learning process and deciding what they would do differently during their next genius hour session to improve their learning *and most importantly, a demonstration of what they have been working on for weeks.
I am hoping that this method of reflection will help my students as learners and as presenters.  It is so hard to fit everything in a 50 minute session once a week!

Some projects that kids are working on...

Our new storytelling session in in full swing!  We have a great group of kids and our amazing storyteller, Mr. Haynes is knocking their socks off helping them learn …

Flexible Seating Anyone?

Great group of boys focused on their Genius Hour project!

Makes My Heart Happy!

I love all the little treasures that students/staff drop off in the MakerSpace.  It encourages me that making, and all the thinking that comes from it, has become an integral part of our school. Kids bring in tubes, plastic bottles, boxes, broken toys and even furniture to be used in the space weekly.  The little pile of goodies below was dropped off this week and will become part of an amazing creation...maybe a pinball machine or a pulley system.  I just never know what our kids will create!  So, thank you families and staff for supplying our space with materials that move our learning forward.

Annika Riz Math Wiz by Claudia Mills

Have you ever wondered who is the best at math?  Well I am going to tell you it is Annika Riz.  She has 2 best friends Kelsey and Izzy. So at the beginning of the year there was a sign up for who wanted to make a dozen cookies for a baking contest.  Annika and her best friends sign up to make cookies because they like to bake.  Keep reading to see if they won the contest. Reviewed by Madeline J.