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This Genius Hour session is coming to an end for third, fourth, and fifth grade students.  February 27th is when we will begin working on our final presentations that will include:  
                                       * their initial learning goal
*an explanation if their goal was meet or not and why
*thinking about their failures and how they learned from them
*their most important learning
*reflecting on the learning process and deciding what they would do differently during their next genius hour session to improve their learning
*and most importantly, a demonstration of what they have been working on for weeks.

I am hoping that this method of reflection will help my students as learners and as presenters.  It is so hard to fit everything in a 50 minute session once a week!

Some projects that kids are working on...

Our new storytelling session in in full swing!  We have a great group of kids and our amazing storyteller, Mr. Haynes is knocking their socks off helping them learn the art of storytelling.

First and second graders are working on a research topic of their choice.  First grade has finished the inquiry process and are currently working on writing their own books.  My hope is to eventually add their books to OPAC.

Second graders are a bit behind the first graders.  As they are working through the inquiry process, they are also learning new sections of the library and learning how to navigate OPAC and Destiny Quest to find sources for their research topic.

Our third grade MakerKid's Club members were issued a challenge to create  something that will display books in our library.  They had to build with Legos, cardboard, K'Nex, or Tinker Toys.  Some kiddos struggled with this and started over several times and/or changed their plans to improve their design.  Checkout some of our designs below.  I love how each student has a very different vision for the challenge.