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The Just-So Woman

The Just-So Woman is a great book to read. The woman gets up before the rooster crows and makes butter. She gets ready to have butter on her bread but then she can't find the butter. Read to find out what happened to the butter.

Can we save the Tiger?

This book really tells you about what we are doing to animals around the world. Some of the coolest animals are endangered species. Endangered species are animals that are becoming extinct. This book is going to tell you about the species that are in danger. I hope you read this book sometime because you need to know how you can help save the Tiger! By: Lily

Voyage To The Pharos

Once a boy wanted see the Pharos, a light house far away from where he lived. One day his father let him come on the boat his father worked on. Do you think they will make it to the Pharos? This book was hard to read in some places. The illustrations were amazing! by Elaina

A Year Down Yonder

I hope you like this book. It's about a girl and her parents who had to sell their house and send their son out west to plant trees.Their daughter is sent to her grandma's house. While she's there, she learns that her principal is also her coach. If you want to know more. YOU will have to read the book A YEAR DOWN YONDER. By Tristan

Shining Stars!

Congrats to our KC3 and Mark Twain award readers for reaching their first reading goal. Seventy eight third, fourth and fifth graders read at least 4 award books by the October deadline. We celebrated with cookies and milk...yum. Keep on reading!

Aggie Gets Lost

Have you ever lost a dog, and looked everywhere for him/her? Well if you have, you probably feel like Ben. Ben was walking his dog Aggie, and Aggie wanted to play fetch. So Ben let Aggie off the leash to play fetch. Ben threw the ball really far, then Aggie was gone! She ran off! They made posters and Ben made a big banner...will Ben ever find her? Read the book to find out.
I recommend this book for second graders, third graders, and fourth graders.

By: Sierra

Rescuing Rover By Ramond Bial

Do you want a dog? Well in the book Rescuing Rover it tells you how. There are millions of dogs that are mistreated every year. In this book it tells you about different dogs that have survived horrible things. Read the book Rescuing Rover to find out what these brave dogs have been through.

Reviewed By Madeleine

Love That Dog

Have you ever had an interest in poetry? Well this is a really good poetry book by Sharon Creech called Love That Dog. It is about a boy who wants nothing to do with poetry until his teacher tells him how to write poetry and he fell in love with it. This book is written in poem form but tells a story as well. WARNING! This book has a really sad part, but the rest of the book is all fun and games. The main character's name is Jack, but without his dead dog Sky or Jack's teacher, his life would be 100 times different. I think you should read this book for the following reasons, for pleasure, if you want a short read, and you want to learn a thing or two about poetry. I hope you will check out Love That Dog now that you have read my review.