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Saving Audie: A Pit Bull Puppy Gets A Second Chance

Can you imagine a puppy out at night, hungry, cold, and dying? That is what happened to Audie. Finally some people rescued the abused dogs including Audie. He was brought to a shelter but he did not have his name yet. The dogs were very lonely, they hardly got any exercise. After a lot of waiting, he went with Nicole and Steve. They gave him the name Dutch. But that was not his permanent home. Finally, he got a home with Linda and Bill. One day Linda noticed Dutch limping. She took him to the vet and they had bad news. Dutch had bad knees. He could not be an agility dog until they were fixed. Linda and Bill wanted Dutch to have a more suitable name. So they named him after a soldier in WWII named Audie. What do you think will happen? Read to find out!
By Emma

Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is about a rabbit in a magic hat. He escapes and the owner of the house has a dog and the rabbit is scared. The dog chases the rabbit all around the house and causes lots of problems have to find out what happens by reading the book. By: Heidi

Katie Kazoo Switcharoo Super Special

Do you like Halloween parties? So does Katie Kazoo, she loves Halloween parties too. In this book Katie attends her class Halloween party then she flies off to her grandma's house. When visiting her grandma, she shops and has lunch... read to find out what else happens to Katie.By: Mady

Roberto and Me

Stosh has a special talent...when he picks up a baseball card it takes him to the year that the baseball card is. Then one time when Stosh was in Spanish class he asked what was the candle for on the teacher's desk. She told Stosh that it was in honor of Roberto Clemente. Stosh didn't have a baseball card of Roberto so he went to his dad's house and he had a Roberto Clemente card. Next he went back in time and he met this person named Sunrise. They asked some hippies to drive them to Cincinnati since the Pirates (that was Roberto's team) had a away game. After the game, Stosh and Sunrise waited by the gate for Roberto. Stosh ran into a person and got into a fight. Then he saw Roberto who took them to a restaurant. When Stosh got back to his house he landed on the coffee table. Then he went to bed after he checked his computer to see if he had changed history. You'll have to read the book to find out the rest of the story.By: Aaron

The Just-So Woman

The Just-So Woman is a great book to read. The woman gets up before the rooster crows and makes butter. She gets ready to have butter on her bread but then she can't find the butter. Read to find out what happened to the butter.

Can we save the Tiger?

This book really tells you about what we are doing to animals around the world. Some of the coolest animals are endangered species. Endangered species are animals that are becoming extinct. This book is going to tell you about the species that are in danger. I hope you read this book sometime because you need to know how you can help save the Tiger! By: Lily

Voyage To The Pharos

Once a boy wanted see the Pharos, a light house far away from where he lived. One day his father let him come on the boat his father worked on. Do you think they will make it to the Pharos? This book was hard to read in some places. The illustrations were amazing! by Elaina

A Year Down Yonder

I hope you like this book. It's about a girl and her parents who had to sell their house and send their son out west to plant trees.Their daughter is sent to her grandma's house. While she's there, she learns that her principal is also her coach. If you want to know more. YOU will have to read the book A YEAR DOWN YONDER. By Tristan

Shining Stars!

Congrats to our KC3 and Mark Twain award readers for reaching their first reading goal. Seventy eight third, fourth and fifth graders read at least 4 award books by the October deadline. We celebrated with cookies and milk...yum. Keep on reading!

Aggie Gets Lost

Have you ever lost a dog, and looked everywhere for him/her? Well if you have, you probably feel like Ben. Ben was walking his dog Aggie, and Aggie wanted to play fetch. So Ben let Aggie off the leash to play fetch. Ben threw the ball really far, then Aggie was gone! She ran off! They made posters and Ben made a big banner...will Ben ever find her? Read the book to find out.
I recommend this book for second graders, third graders, and fourth graders.

By: Sierra

Rescuing Rover By Ramond Bial

Do you want a dog? Well in the book Rescuing Rover it tells you how. There are millions of dogs that are mistreated every year. In this book it tells you about different dogs that have survived horrible things. Read the book Rescuing Rover to find out what these brave dogs have been through.

Reviewed By Madeleine

Love That Dog

Have you ever had an interest in poetry? Well this is a really good poetry book by Sharon Creech called Love That Dog. It is about a boy who wants nothing to do with poetry until his teacher tells him how to write poetry and he fell in love with it. This book is written in poem form but tells a story as well. WARNING! This book has a really sad part, but the rest of the book is all fun and games. The main character's name is Jack, but without his dead dog Sky or Jack's teacher, his life would be 100 times different. I think you should read this book for the following reasons, for pleasure, if you want a short read, and you want to learn a thing or two about poetry. I hope you will check out Love That Dog now that you have read my review.

Magazines Rock!

Our second graders were just introduced to our entire selection of magazines. They were thrilled to have access to ALL of our magazines. Some favorites included Lego, Dog and Cat Fancy, American Girl, KidZone, Ranger Rick, SI for Kids, and of course American Girl. When asked what they loved about magazines our second graders had this to say...
You don't have to start at the beginning and read all the way to the end, you can skip around by using the table of contents.
You don't have to read every word and page.Some magazines have jokes, comics, and games.They don't take as long to read as a book.Some magazines tell you more than you know.They tell me about places around the world.I love magazines because they help you learn and get smart.They have real and fake information. (I am assuming nonfiction and fiction info)They can show you how to do things.

LC...The Home of Super Readers

Wow! I am so impressed with our readers! Over 300 Mark Twain nominees were read between our 4th and 5th grades over the summer. We already have several 4th and 5th grade readers who have read all 12 Mark Twain nominees and are starting on the LC Above and Beyond books for the year.

Several 3rd graders have qualified to vote by reading at least 4 KC3 nominees.

Keep up the GREAT reading LC readers!

Welcome Back Lewis and Clark Students!

We are officially off and running or should I say off and learning in the Lewis and Clark Library Media Center. Each grade level is using the library to its fullest. Kindergarten is learning how to work and learn in the library. For the last couple of weeks they each have been checking out books! First grade is enjoying Show Me nominees and learning how to locate what they want in the everybody section. Second grade students are also enjoying Show Me nominees and are learning a computer program new to our school called Pixie. Third grade is exploring this essential question.. How do I find what I want/need in our library? Fourth grade is working through this essential question...How do you know that a book is one you love? Their interests and choice of genre is driving this instruction. The essential question for fifth grade is...How do you define yourself as a reader? We are examining what we know about ourselves as readers and using that information to learn a couple of programs tha…

A to Z Mystery Challenge

Each year, Lewis and Clark 3rd graders are challenged to read all 26 books in the A to Z mystery series written by Ron Roy. This year, thirty two 3rd graders completed the challenge. We celebrated with a mystery party! This is a great end of the year challenge to keep the kiddos reading right up to the end. These books are right on grade level and help improve reading fluency.

Milk and Cookies and Award Winning Books

Wow! Fifty One 2nd graders met this year's Caldecott Challenge! Just by reading and experiencing award winning books, these kiddos enjoyed milk and cookies to celebrate their reading success! Way to meet your reading goal and monitor your progress along the way. Thanks Mrs. Haynes and Mrs. Sanford for all your help!

Mrs. Haynes is a DATA DIVA!

Your voice counts at Lewis and Clark! Mrs. Haynes has been crunching the data and reading all of the 784 comments from the student survey taken in January. Results are being shared with all third, fourth, and fifth graders so you know that what you say matters! Thanks Mrs. Haynes for all your hard work that is helping our library program be the best it can be!

Mark Twain Madness Hits the LC Library

Forget basketball, we are talking READING MADNESS at LC! Mrs. Haynes had a fabulous idea to keep our kids excited about reading...fourth and fifth graders are having a friendly competition to see which grade level can read the most Mark Twains by May 16th. The winning fourth grade class will take on the winning 5th grade class. Good Luck to all and keep reading!

Mrs. Haynes and The Lunch Bunch

Mrs. Haynes is meeting with small groups of students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade to read and discuss the 2011-2012 Mark Twain nominee, 11 Birthdays. The groups meet over lunch and share their thoughts, insights, and questions about the book. Thank you Mrs. Haynes for all you do for the kids at Lewis and Clark!

Ravenous Readers Love Books And Pizza!

77 third, fourth, and fifth graders read their way to a pizza celebration. Each of the kids attending read all 10 KC3 or all 12 Mark Twain nominees this year!

History In The Library

Busy Kindergartners!

My kindergarten kids have started a research project about ANTS. We are learning so much. We are learning from books, encyclopedias, and visual and online sources. The KidPix illustrations you see below show us using what we have learned... Ants have three body parts, six legs, two eyes, can be brown, black, red, or even yellow, they live and work in colonies, the queen bee has wings, and so much more.
We are so excited to be learning!

First Grade Researchers

Our fabulous first graders have been working on a research project to learn about ladybugs. We have worked collaboratively and are now moving into some independent learning. We started learning using books and encyclopedia resources and will soon to move to online sources. Check out the kids in action...

Judy Moody- Girl Detective By: Meg McDonald

Can you figure this out? I don't know where he went! Judy Moody is just like your Nancy Drew in this book. Officer Kopp loses his dog Mr. Chips! So Judy and her friends try to solve this dog mystery... They find a stolen dog bone, cookie crumbs that were stolen, and a green van. The green van is a plumbing van that supposedly has a dog that looks just like Mr. Chips! Will they find Mr. Chips? Are the people in the green van the dog-nappers? The mystery waits for you...Reviewed by: Emma

DNA Literature Festival 2011

Twenty two 5th graders were invited to attend the DNA literature festival organized by the Reading Reptile book store because they read all of the 2010-2011 Mark Twain Nominees. We were able to listen to Jennifer Holm and Tony DiTerlizzi talk about writing and their books. Read below to see what the kids thought of the event...

"The best part was seeing the draw offs and hearing about new books/series I might want to read." Andee
"The best part was getting to hear about how the 2 authors write." Hailey
"Lots of information (learning) even though not at school." Nathan
"I think it was so much fun and I enjoyed it." Zach
"The best part was getting to see one of my favorite childhood authors ( Jennifer Holm) even though she completely ignored me when I raised my hand." Allison
"I got to listen to two really cool authors talk about their books." Reilly
"An amazing experience and an incredib…
Kindergarten Research Project

After several weeks of reading, learning, researching, and thinking, my kindergarten kiddos have finished their Hippo and Turtle nonfiction books. We used the stories of Owen and Mzee to guide us in our questioning and used other nonfiction books to answer the questions we had about hippos and turtles. I then put our information together into a book for the kids to add illustrations.
Joseph's finished product is below...