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Roberto and Me

Stosh has a special talent...when he picks up a baseball card it takes him to the year that the baseball card is. Then one time when Stosh was in Spanish class he asked what was the candle for on the teacher's desk. She told Stosh that it was in honor of Roberto Clemente. Stosh didn't have a baseball card of Roberto so he went to his dad's house and he had a Roberto Clemente card. Next he went back in time and he met this person named Sunrise. They asked some hippies to drive them to Cincinnati since the Pirates (that was Roberto's team) had a away game. After the game, Stosh and Sunrise waited by the gate for Roberto. Stosh ran into a person and got into a fight. Then he saw Roberto who took them to a restaurant. When Stosh got back to his house he landed on the coffee table. Then he went to bed after he checked his computer to see if he had changed history. You'll have to read the book to find out the rest of the story.
By: Aaron