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Celebrating Caldecott Readers!

Second grade has also been working toward a reading challenge. After we finished our Show Me Reading Award Program, I wanted to get the kids ready to read KC3 Nominees independently. Each year I challenge my second graders to read and respond to at least 12 Caldecott winning books. This year 50 students reached the reading goal and completed the challenge! Today we celebrated with a good old fashioned milk and cookie party. We snacked and watched several Caldecott videos . I am so proud of all the Caldecott readers and especially pleased that many of the readers didn't stop when they reached the goal...they just kept on reading.

WOW! Tons Of Mystery Readers!

Over 70 third grade students read all of Ron Roy's A to Z mysteries and answered a question about each book. Those kiddo took my challenge and read for over a month and a half! We celebrated last week with a mystery party. The readers had to solve clues to find their snack. We had a great time. I loved seeing kids reading an A to Z mystery while waiting for their rides, while waiting for bathroom breaks to be done, and spending our school wide SSR time reading toward a lofty goal.

Book Review-Orangutan Tongs: Poems To Tangle Your Tongue

Orangutan Tongs: Poems To Tangle Your Tongue is full of poems that make no sense like Two Tree Toads.
I' m not going to tell you about any more of the poems because you need to read it and enjoy it on your Orangutan Tongs by Jon Agee.

By Abbie

Lewis and Clark Welcomed Laura Huliska-Beith!

Wow! What a great author/illustrator visit from Laura Huliska-Beith. On Friday, May 8th students in kindergarten, first, and second grade were thrilled to meet Ms. Beith and learn all about illustrating. Ms. Beith drew for and with the kids, interacted with them, shared how she gets her ideas, read from her books, and really connected with them. Below you will see some first hand thoughts from students and teachers about her visit.
Hayden: I thought she was great, my favorite part was when we drew the picture together.

Jason: I loved that she signed our books! She makes good pictures!

Nathan: It was fun because we got to see her books and see how she illustrates. My favorite book is The Worst Best Friend.

Nolan: She was awesome!

Elliott: I liked when we drew the alien because it was fun. She has an iron in her studio and she irons stuff on her pictures.

Ms. Oyler: She was a fabulous illustrator. I loved seeing her studio and love watching her create illustrations in front of us.

Mrs. Kernell…

Book Review:Your Body Battles a Skinned Knee

Your Body Battles a Skinned Knee tells whats going on in your body when you get a skinned knee. It tells what your blood cells do, what the skin does, what your nerve cells do, and all kinds of other cool stuff. I think people should read Your Body Battles a Skinned Knee.

By Jaxen

Book Review: The Vermeer Interviews

Have you ever wished that paintings could talk about themselves? Well, in The Vermeer Interviewsyou get to see seven of Vermeer's beautiful pieces of art and see what they think about themselves and Master Vermeer. The paintings are The Milk Maid, The Geographer, The Artist in His Studio, Woman in Blue Reading A Letter,Young Woman with a Water Pitcher, Woman with a Pearl Necklace and The Music Lesson. See how you are drawn in along with Bob Raczka and see how the paintings criticize themselves, admire themselves, and just talk about themselves.This book is really a great read, I recommend it to a lot of people.

By Justen

Book Review: Tsunami

A short summary of the book Tsunami: There is a wise old farmer and everyone believes and trusts this farmer. The farmer sees a tsunami coming! He tries to get everyone away from the tsunami but the people don't hear him... You have to read the rest of the book to find out what happens. I rated this book a 5 out of 5.

By Melanie

Book Review-The Rhyming Dust Bunnies

This book, THE RHYMING DUST BUNNIES is about colorful dust bunnies who rhyme all the time. We recommend this book to 1st graders because this is super easy to read. Or if you just want a SUPER EASY book then we will recommend it to 2nd graders. By Jordan and Jayme

Book Review: Swish

When most people think of basketball they think of Lebron James or Kobe Bryant flying in for a dunk. But in Swish, the Quest for Basketball's Perfect Shot it talks about the other shots that maybe you don't normally see. It also talks about the great moments in basketball history like when Christian Laettner hauled down a 70 foot pass from Grant Hill, turned, dribbled and then put up a shot. Swish! It also talks about the different shots that you see every day. This book talks about the amazing records that people have set and some that might never be broken. Here is a cool fact you may read about...The record for most free throws in a row is 97 that was set by Michael Williams in 1992-93 to 1993-94. In all, this book talks about the lighter side of basketball.
By Andrew and Aaron

Book Review-Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed

Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed by Mo Willems is a story about a naked mole rat who likes to get dressed. The others try and try to get him to not get dressed, but nothing works! Finally, they tell Grand-pah and he makes a proclamation. You will have to read the rest of the book to find out what happens.

Thank You Poets!

What a month it has been! A huge thank you to all of our Lewis and Clark writers for sharing their poetry! Many blog readers have enjoyed the poems posted each day! Good Poems! Good Times!