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Lewis and Clark Welcomed Laura Huliska-Beith!

Wow! What a great author/illustrator visit from Laura Huliska-Beith. On Friday, May 8th students in kindergarten, first, and second grade were thrilled to meet Ms. Beith and learn all about illustrating. Ms. Beith drew for and with the kids, interacted with them, shared how she gets her ideas, read from her books, and really connected with them. Below you will see some first hand thoughts from students and teachers about her visit.

Hayden: I thought she was great, my favorite part was when we drew the picture together.

Jason: I loved that she signed our books! She makes good pictures!

Nathan: It was fun because we got to see her books and see how she illustrates. My favorite book is The Worst Best Friend.

Nolan: She was awesome!

Elliott: I liked when we drew the alien because it was fun. She has an iron in her studio and she irons stuff on her pictures.

Ms. Oyler: She was a fabulous illustrator. I loved seeing her studio and love watching her create illustrations in front of us.

Mrs. Kernell: I want one of her pictures!

Layton: My favorite part was when we made the alien together. It was funny!

Sage: My favorite part was when she drew her white dog. My favorite book of hers is The Recess Queen.



Anonymous said…
This looks like a great author!
AARON said…
I like your books because you draw good pictures