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Hot Cocoa Reading Celebrations

Seventy Nine 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students celebrated achieving a reading challenge by enjoying yummy hot cocoa on a cold winter's day. To qualify, students read 8 or more KC3 or Mark Twain Nominees. We had a great time reading, chatting, and drinking cocoa. Check out our pics below...


The Boy Who Invented TV:The Story of Philo Farnsworth by Kathleen Krull

Imagine what it would feel like growing up on a farm in American in 1906.When Philo Farnsworth came in everything changed. When Philo was three he was interested in anything mechanical. He would ask tons of questions. When he was old enough, he invented the T.V. This book was a cliff hanger to me because I was wondering what other inventions Philo invented. Read this book to find out what other cool inventions he made.

Reviewed by Melanie

2nd Grade List Poem

Mrs. Baker's class is smart because we love to are some of our favorite books... Abiyoyo Humphrey The Whale Endangered Komodo Dragons Nate The Great Nebraska Green Eggs and Ham Franny K. Stein, Mad Scientist The Best Day Ever The Polar Express Vinnie and Abraham The Night Before, The Night Before Christmas Captain Underpants The Very Hungry Caterpillar The Houdini Box Diary of a Wimpy Kid Boo! Junie B. Jones By My Brother's Side The Last Straw Horrible Harry Charlotte's Web Badger's Fancy Meal These are wonderful books, we hope you will read and enjoy them.

The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow

5,4,3,2,1 Kapow!
This book is fun filled with plenty of excitement.
You will go bonkers for Noel the Mole.
And honkers for Klaus the Mouse.
Willy the Worm is really wormy.
Keith, Ed, and Daisy are quite squirmy.
Lumpy Head Fred is very mighty and Brave Dave is not brave during nighty.
On Ruth's super scooter you will have a blast.
On Mike's bike you will go very fast.
For somewhere less spikey, read this book and say hello to the Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow.

Reviewed by Sammy


Do you like football? Well if you do, Touchdown will be a good book for you! Are you wondering who scored the first touchdown? Well, you can find that answer in the book, Touchdown!
I thought this book was a good book because it tells you facts about one of America's favorite sport!!!
So...if you like football check out Touchdown!
Review written by Jalyn

Stagecoach Sal by Deborah Hopkinson

The book I read was called Stagecoach Sal. The main characters were Sal and Poetic Pete. The problem was Poetic Pete is the most polite robber in San Fransisco. He pops out of nowhere and asks Sal if he could have a ride down to the town and Sal says yes. But every time Poetic Pete opens his mouth Sal sings something so he can not rob her. Read to find out how this book ended.

Review By: Kalyn

My name is Sangoel

Sangoel just came to America. All the people can not say Sangoel's name correctly.
But,oh no, Sangoel has a solution that I can't tell you. But if you want to know how he solved the problem, you must read My name is Sangoel by the awesome Karen Lynn Williams and Khadra Mohammed.
Review written by Abbie

The Ghosts of Mercy Manor by Betty Ren Wright

Eleven-year-old foster child (Gwen) is dreading to go and live in the Mercy Manor. But, when she does, she appreciates everything going on... (Except the fact, that her new beloved home is in fact haunted with a replay of a crime that was committed over thirty years ago!!!)
Gwen tells anyone that will listen. Though it's hard to do if no one believes you! With all her family not believing her (Except her younger sister Tessie) and "not wanting to hear another word." They think it's best for her to move out! But Gwen knows she must help this ghost!
Can Gwen solve the crime?
Can she convince her family to let her stay?
And can she save her family in the process?
Read the "Charming and daring novel that will keep you hooked until the very last page" and find out!
Review by Kendall

Phillippa Fisher's Fairy Godsister

Phillippa Fisher thinks she has the worst life ever. Her best friend Charlotte is moving away to a place where they are going to get rid of cell phones, computers...any technology! Also her parents are really embarrassing, like the day when her dad came to school in his pajamas! So a fairy godsister is all she could want. But when she gets nervous and accidently throws her out of the tree house window all Daisy, the fairy godsister wants to do is get her wishes made and finally get away from Phillippa.... but when Trisha, the popular girl steals her last wish voucher, they have to think of a good plan. Will Daisy get it back before her life cycle runs out?

This book is not available in our school library...try the public library or a bookstore!
Reviewed by Ingrid

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

This book will blow your mind. A boy named Gregory is the main character. His mom bought him a diary but he wanted a journal. So he says that he is not going to be like one of those kids who are all "dear diary this" and "dear diary that". Gregory and his friend Ralph play video games a lot. Read this book to find out what happens to Gregory.

Reviewed by Jayme, 2nd grade

Blown Away by Joan Hiatt Harlow

It started when everybody in the town of Islanorada thought this old guy named Sharkey was mean and cranky. But a kid named Jake went to Sharkey's for a job opportunity and he and Sharkey became friends just like that. Then Sharkey had some alligator hides that he had to deliver. So Jake went to go ask his mom if he could go with Sharkey but he and his mom kept on fighting about Jake staying to babysit his little sister. Jake's mom finally said that his sister could go to their next door friends, so Star went there. So Jake hopped onto the boxcar with Sharkey. Long story short, while they delivered the hides, they came upon somebody wanting to try to sell a donkey. Shakey wanted to buy the donkey, but $200.00 was too much. The guy was going to put the donkey to sleep so Sharkey said he would buy it for $100.00. After Sharkey bought the donkey (Jewell) but she would not move because the Jewell had to stay with a dog named Rudy. So, if you think you like books with a lot of a…

In The Belly Of An Ox by Rebecca Bond

This book was about two brothers who like to get pictures of birds but in weird ways! They try to blend in with what ever the can. They go in ponds, hay, and even up a tree just to get a picture! Finally they made their first bird book of pictures. Read to find out all the crazy things they do.

Reviewed by Claire Henry

Imogene's Last Stand by Candace Fleming

This book is about a girl named Imogene who lives in a small town in a house where George Washington once slept. She loves history. Her town isn't a speck on the map until the President of the United States shows up. She fights to save her town's history from being destroyed when they want to tear it down so a factory can be put up. Read this book and find out what happens.

Reviewed by: Aaron, 2nd grade

Calling All Fourth and Fifth Graders

Hey, LC fourth and fifth graders...
What books do you think other 4th and 5th graders should read? (try not to include MT titles) Share the title and give a short summary of the book! Be sure to check back here for great book recommendations from your friends.

Calling All Third Graders!

Hey, LC third graders... What books do you think other 3rd graders should read? (try not to include KC3 titles) Share the title and give a short summary of the book! Be sure to check back here for great book recommendations from your friends.

Birthday Books!

Celebrate your birthday by donating a book to the Lewis and Clark Library! Look for the information to come home in Friday folders during the month of your very special day!

Adopting A Shelf

This morning members of the Page Turners Book Club adopted shelves to care for in our library. Members will check their shelves a couple of times a week to do the following...
Straighten and organize books
Check for spine out, call number down on all books
Keep books in order
Group same titles together (E, B, and Fic)
Make sure the correct books are on their shelf
Thanks Page Turners for keeping our library in tip-top shape!


Mrs. Baker's Second Grade Class made the newspaper! Check out that article at...

Today Lewis and Clark students will help bring attention to literacy around the world. We will be part of a group of readers who will be joining (hopefully) millions of other readers sharing the book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar together on one day. We hope to help break a reading record.

Yeah! Tomorrow is almost here!

Tomorrow marks the first day of the 2009-2010 Page Turners Book Club. This club is open to all third, fourth, and fifth grade students at Lewis and Clark who cherish books. Permission slips were due last Friday so I could get an idea of how many kids will be attending. If you want to be a part of the Page Turners book club stop in and join us tomorrow (Sept. 23rd) or any other Wednesday we are in school. Page Turner mornings are my very favorite mornings of the week! I love to see kids reading, sharing, and listening to books. Ms. Oyler and Mrs. Brown will be reading with us this year and we can't wait to see you all in the morning ready and willing to read together! This year we will recommend books, blog about books, tackle some library projects, and students can even be Master Book Reviewers.

Fifth Grade Boot Camp 2009

Each year fifth graders at LC attend "Boot Camp" in the library for intense training on how to access information in our library. We exercise our minds and bodies!

Summer Reading-Meet Creativity At The Library

Kay teacher, quilter, jewelry maker, fiber designer, and doll maker talked to the kids about creativity and thinking outside the box. Mrs. Grimminger is Mrs. Rosheim's mom!
Sharing Mrs. Thormod's creative outlet...dancing!

Practicing the Cupid Shuffle!

Practice makes perfect!

Making bracelets!

Getting creative ourselves!

Bill Cardwell, Famous Liberty drum maker talked to the kids and teachers about his creative life. He has even made a drum set for Ringo Starr. The teachers and parents were very impressed...the kids not so much:).

Mr. Cardwell is Mrs. Jellison's (LC 3rd grade teacher) father!

Lots of questions following his presentation!

Summer Reading Fun-Color Your World

Great Sidewalk Chart Art-Inspired by the book, Ish

Marker Magic!
Watercolor Creations!

Summer Reading Fun-Tune In At Your Library

Dancing Away!
Getting Funky!

Creating Rain Sticks!

Making it rain in the library!