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Adopting A Shelf

This morning members of the Page Turners Book Club adopted shelves to care for in our library. Members will check their shelves a couple of times a week to do the following...

Straighten and organize books
Check for spine out, call number down on all books
Keep books in order
Group same titles together (E, B, and Fic)
Make sure the correct books are on their shelf

Thanks Page Turners for keeping our library in tip-top shape!


Aaron said…
I like adopting a shelf because it is fun
Olivia said…
I like adopting a shelf because
I think it's a big responsibilty!
Regan said…
Adopting a shelf is cool, fun,
and is all about responsibilty!
Anonymous said…
I think adopting a shelf is fun because it makes you feel like you are responsible!
Ingrid said…
I think it is fun to adopt a shelf because it feels like you are really a librian!
Anonymous said…
I think adopting a shelf is a big responsibilty! You have to be independent
Emma said…
Adopting a shelf is so much fun because it's a big responsibilty and it gives you an oppertunity to take the job of responsibilty!

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