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Arcade Games

After studying inventors, we used the Caine's Arcade Video to springboard into inventing our own cardboard inspired games.  We have created games for several years now and each year the experience gets better for our kids.  I have learned from past years a process that works and the kids have learned things by playing other kids' games from previous years.  This year we focused on game directions more than we have in the past.  One big improvement this year was the usage of low-heat glue guns.  Using hot glue improved the quality of our games and helped to speed up the making process.  

Second Grade MakerKid's Club

Time for second grade MakerKid's Club...two sessions of fun, learning, creativity, and exploring.  So many possibilities!

Visiting Author, Mary Casanova

Lewis and Clark welcomed Mary Casanova to our school on Monday, March 7th.  Mary is a lovely gal who gives an amazing, high energy presentation to all grade levels.  My little kiddos love Some Dog, Some Cat, and One Dog Canoe.  My older kids are all clamoring for Klipfish Code, a book about WWII in Norway.  So many kids wanted her books, that we sent out a 2nd order after her visit. A gigantic thank you to the LC PTA for supporting this valuable experience for our students and staff.  Thanks for a great day Mary Casanova!

2016 Reading Adventure Night

This photo sums up how our kids feel about Reading Adventure Night! Photo Credit:  Eric Haynes
This is our 22nd (I think) Reading Adventure Night that we have had at Lewis and Clark.  We have made some changes over the years.  We used to host two nights; one for 1st and 2nd grade and another for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.  For the last 2 years we have streamlined the event to one evening for 2nd and 3rd graders.  We start the evening right after school on a Friday and stay until 7:30pm.  We have snacks, pizza, listen to a storyteller, and participate in 4 different activity rooms.  The activities are purely title Pictionary, making bookmarks, miniature golf book discussions, and reading.  
This night ABSOLUTELY could not happen without MANY volunteers! Parents send in all the food/paper items needed, teachers run the rooms, administrators stay late, PTA pays for pizza and room materials, and Mrs. Haynes does all the organizing for the event...permission slips, groupings, volu…