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Poem of the Day-April 30th

Fish Fish on the wall. Fish on the bed. Fish on the door. Fish on Uncle Fred.
Fish on my head. Fish on the book. Fish on my brush. Fish on my hook. by Kamren The Man Eating Snake SSSSSS! Goes the bushes, and that's no gust of wind! It's the HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, HIDEOUS, MAN EATING SSSSSNAKE! The townsfolk run in horror while the Mayon conducts a plan. And I pray the Lord to Heaven we escape the snake on this land. Because it's the HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE, HIDEOUS, MAN EATING SSSSSNAKE! It'll catch you and it's not a fake! By Katelyn

Poem of the Day-April 27th

Book Short, long Hold and read Happy reading a book Novel
By Damon

Big Dreams
Brace yourself for life's surprises Ideas are great Great people do great things Dream big Responsibilities are tough Everyone is different Always shining Miracle workers+teachers=Great 4th graders Super
By Zach

Poems of the Day-April 25th

Drip Drop
Drip Drop goes the rain outside. Drip Drop I better stay inside. Drip Drop Plop, the rain's coming down. Drip Drop Plop, I begin running around. Drip Drop Plop I dropped my homework on the ground. Drip Drop Drip Drop I am so stressed out. By Karsyn

The Sensation of Summer Vacation Oh, Summer vacation, I can't wait for the sensation! We're going to Washington D. C. and New York. Won't that be fabulous? I can imagine the Statue of Liberty shining with sunlight. How the moonlight gleams on my face while sleeping into a dream of wonders... And when I open the doors of the balcony of my hotel in D.C. I can see as far as my eyes can see, The Lincoln memorial standing proud and tall with glory and with the honors of the people who know and respect him. by Danielle

Poems of the Day-April 24th

Pigs Pigs in the mud. Pigs on the run. Pigs in the sun.
Pigs having fun.
Pigs eating. Pigs like to cook. Pigs playing. Pigs reading a book. by Regan

I love brownie because they are good and hot
When they come out of the oven and the chocolate melts.
By Keena and Harlie

Poems of the Day-April 23rd

Mice Mice on my lap. Mice on my head. Mice on the carpet. Mice on the bed.
Mice on the mailbox. Mice on the case. Mice on the run. Mice in the base. By Gavin

Horses Horses are fun to ride and feed.They are really fun and I love them.By Keena and Harlie

Poems of the Day-April 22nd

Dogs Dogs on the sofa. Dogs wanting pie. Dogs having fun. Dogs wanted by the FBI.
Dogs chase cats. Dogs that lie. Dogs trying to fly. Dogs that are shy. By Cassia

I love books because they are fabulous! I love poems the BEST!By Keena and Harlie

Poems of the Day-April 21st

Pancakes I love pancakes. Yes I do. I will tell you a few... Gooey Soft Blueberry Strawberry Blackberry Raspberry There you go. You heard all my favorites. What are yours? By Breanna Captain Underpants I see toilets all over the place. I hear toilets smacking their teeth. I smell food cooking on the stove. I taste food in my mouth. I feel underwear in my hands. By Jayden

Poem of the Day-April 20th


As I look through this closed window-nothing is peaceful. Leaves are brown, Grass is flattening down, trees blowing, water flowing, plants sad, no one feels right. Squirrels go into the trees, rabbits hop into their dens and the wolf howls no more. The fish go under deep, kids cannot play At all, the bugs hide, the window is splashed with water like blood stain in the ocean. Things are still, people sleep. It feels like fall, but it is summer! Hurricane Hannah and Ike are forming. World is at its end, or is it.

By Austin

Poems of the Day-April 18th

Pizza Pepperoni, crunchy I like pizza. Pizza is good for you. Lunch
By Katrina Cake Sweet as sugar, cookies with milk. Feels as soft as a velvet blanket. Tastes as good as candy canes. Round as the sun in the sky. Tall as a microwave. Light as a pumpkin that just grew. By Megan

Poems of the Day-April 17th

Arianna Brave, lovable Always so cute Always looking after me. Sweet By Sheigh Girls and Boys Girls like gymnastics and ballet, but boys like basketball and football. Girls like makeup but boys like Royals. By Haylee

Poems of the Day-April 16th

Mice in some windows. Mice in my underwear. Mice in one car. Mice in some hair.

Mice in the mailbox. Mice playing with a ball. Mice playing golf. Mice in the mall. By Blake Clowns C lowns are so funny. L oud clowns honk their red nose. O dd looking faces. W ould be at a circus. N ever stop being funny. S illy and very smart! By Abby

Poems of the Day-April 15th

Dogs Dogs in the car. Dogs by the tree. Dogs in my bed. Dogs that have a flea.

Dogs chase cats. Dogs by a fox. Dogs by my head. Dogs in a box.
By Jax Alex A lex likes baloney. L ikes Sammy as a friend. E xcited. Alex is excited! X cellent. You are excellent at some tag. By Alex

Poems of the Day-April 14th

Frogs Slimy, sticky Eats some bugs Hoping in the grass Licking By Theo Lion I see a big ball. I hear the crowd shouting. I smell juicy meat. I taste good, good meat. I feel happy and playful. By Hayden

Poems of the Day-April 13th

Dogs Dogs barking. Dogs on the run. Dogs chasing cats. Dogs basking in the sun.
Dogs all around. Dogs shaking. Dogs walking. Dogs waking. By Emma Think I lie on the grass. I gaze at the sky. I count all the clouds that go by 1,2,3,4,5. I can't tell if I'm alive. This sunshiny day is like heaven and moon. Then the sun set down with bold colors of red, yellow, and pink. When you see a day like this, just look around and think. By Cammie

Poem of the Day-April 10th

It rains a lot in my town and strange objects come falling down. Meatballs and spaghetti Ice cream and confetti Water Hair Clothes to wear Elephants Hair clips and big lips. I know it sounds crazy, but I am not lazy, it really rains this stuff. By Ingrid

Poem of the Day-April 7th

Green, green, green, green, I love you as much as green.
School Boxes
Nail Polish
Ice Cream
Birthday Stuff
I told you green, now you have it. Green, green, green.
By Arianna

Books Mrs. Rosheim Has Been Reading!

Wow! I have been a reading machine...I am busy reading any books illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith (she will be at Lewis and Clark on May 8 to visit with all kindergarten, first, and second grade students), I am currently trying to read all of the 2009-2010 KC3 Nominees ( I just finished, Remembering Mrs. Rossi and LOVED it-what a powerful book about families), and I am trying to read tons of the new books that have just arrived in our library. What great fun!
Mrs. Haynes said that I absolutely could not just see the movie, The Tale of Despereaux, but I had to read the book. Boy, was she right. I loved the writing style of this book. Especially when the author would talk directly to me as a reader. This is a must read for all readers!
It is my hope that you to are experiencing the joy that good books can bring to your life.

Poem of the Day-April 3rd

My friend named Pat had a cat that was fat. It liked to sit on a mat. One time it sat there a whole day!!! Another time the cat played baseball! She was the first to bat that fat cat. She had to wear a hat when she bat. Her team won the game!!! By Mariah

Poem of the Day-April 2nd

Roses are red
Violets are blue.
All people are true in a special way.
Everybody has something to share too.
What makes you true?
Let's find out what makes you so true.
What is your favorite thing to do?
That is part of what makes you true.
The other thing that makes you true is what you believe in, what you think is right, and what you think is true to you.
That is what makes you true.
This is what makes you that special person that you are.
By Mariah

Book Review-Fortune's Magic Farm by Suzanne Selfors

I liked this book because it has a lot of imagery and because there is a great story to it which makes you want to go on when you are reading it. But there were still times when I got lost and didn't understand what was happening . I would recommend this book to third & fourth graders who like magical stories. I would give the book a four out of five because I thought it could be a little bit better.

Poem of the Day-April 1st

Rad Duck
There once was a duck that was sad. The duck was sad because he didn't think he was rad. So he was mad. So he started being bad so he could be rad. So he thought he was rad enough now. So he had to be glad.
By Mackenzie