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Poems of the Day-April 25th

Drip Drop
Drip Drop goes the rain outside.
Drip Drop I better stay inside.
Drip Drop Plop, the rain's coming down.
Drip Drop Plop, I begin running around.
Drip Drop Plop I dropped my homework on the ground.
Drip Drop Drip Drop I am so stressed out.
By Karsyn

The Sensation of Summer Vacation
Oh, Summer vacation,
I can't wait for the sensation!
We're going to Washington D. C. and New York.
Won't that be fabulous?
I can imagine the Statue of Liberty shining with sunlight.
How the moonlight gleams on my face while sleeping into a dream of wonders...
And when I open the doors of the balcony of my hotel in D.C. I can see as far as my eyes can see,
The Lincoln memorial standing proud and tall with glory and with the honors of the people who know and respect him.
by Danielle