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Poem of the Day-April 1st

Rad Duck

There once was a duck that was sad.
The duck was sad because he didn't think he was rad.
So he was mad.
So he started being bad so he could be rad.
So he thought he was rad enough now.
So he had to be glad.

By Mackenzie


Anonymous said…
I love red ducks and POEMS!!!!
Poems are fun to read too!
Anonymous said…
I love reading the AtoZ mysteries.
I especially love the Ninth Nugget
by Ron Roy It was about the three
kids Dink,Josh,and RuthRose go to
Montana with Jud to help the horses
and they all went to find gold nuggets and see how much its worth
and sell it and Josh found a relly
big on and the next day someone
stole it!If you want to find out who steals it read The Ninth Nugget.

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