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Books Mrs. Rosheim Has Been Reading!

Wow! I have been a reading machine...I am busy reading any books illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith (she will be at Lewis and Clark on May 8 to visit with all kindergarten, first, and second grade students), I am currently trying to read all of the 2009-2010 KC3 Nominees ( I just finished, Remembering Mrs. Rossi and LOVED it-what a powerful book about families), and I am trying to read tons of the new books that have just arrived in our library. What great fun!

Mrs. Haynes said that I absolutely could not just see the movie, The Tale of Despereaux, but I had to read the book. Boy, was she right. I loved the writing style of this book. Especially when the author would talk directly to me as a reader. This is a must read for all readers!

It is my hope that you to are experiencing the joy that good books can bring to your life.


Andrew said…
I know that the K-2 kids get an illistrator to listen to but who do the 3-5 graders get to talk and listen to. I really like the visiting authors coming.Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mrs. Rosheim said…
Andrew~Sneed Collard was our visiting author this year for the
3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. It seems like a really long time ago, but he was here:)
Mrs. Rosheim