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Reading Adventure Night-3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade

Wow, what a great evening we had! On the 5th of February, 165 third, fourth, and fifth grade students stayed after school until 7:30pm. We had snacks, played pictionary, made bookmarks, wrote Mad Libs, created comics, listened to a professional storyteller, and of course we read. A huge thanks to all the LC families who donated items to make the night a success and to our FANTASTIC PTA for funding this amazing night. We certainly had fun...see for yourself!

If America Was a Village

Do you ever wonder if America were a village? Well this book talks all about it. There will be only 100 people. There would be stores and a bunch of other stuff. There would be so much to do if America were a village. So that is all the reasons about America being a village. Read this book and you'll learn if America was a village.

Reviewed By: Tyler

Princess Hyacinth the Suprising Tale of a Girl who Foated

This book is about a girl who floats and needs to stop floating all around. So the king and queen put all this stuff on her so she can't float. One day she wanted a balloon so she got one. The balloon man tied the princess to a bunch of balloons and away she floated. I want 2nd grade,1st grade, and kindergarten to read this book.

Never Smile at a Monkey

Never Smile at a Monkey has facts about different dangerous animals you should never keep , touch & other things. At the end of the book you will find out why you should not to smile at a monkey . I recommend this book to people who like to learn about dangerous animals !!!!!!!!!

Review by Ashree