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Lunch Lady

Wow! The Lunch Ladies in this book are nothing like you've ever seen before. They are involved in action and other unbelievable stuff. They even stopped an author from doing causing problems in the school. These lunch ladies come ready for action. They will save you from bad things... they'll even fight bunnies. So... GO LUNCH LADIES! GO LUNCH LADIES!

Reviewed by Sierra

Book Club Rocks!

Born Yesterday

You probably would think that a baby would just say gee gee gaa gaa. But this baby doesn't. He has a little diary. This book takes you and the baby on many aventures. I liked this book because the baby does so many funny things. So read this book and see what the book Born Yesterday is all about.
Reviewed by Tyler

Extra Credit

This is just another awesome book by Andrew Clements!!! Extra Credit-The title says it all! A girl, Abby Carson is failing 6th grade. She has to get a B or better on every test for the rest of the school year! But even that won't cut it! Abby needs Extra Credit! She decided to write to a girl in Kabul,Afghanistan! The girls' name is Amira. She isn't awesome at English so her older, smarter brother Sadeed helps write the letters. Their conversations are about planting to mountains to family troubles. Will this letter writing be enough to get Abby Carson to 7th grade? Read this awesome book to find out!

Reviewed by Sami

Dragonbreath: Attack of the Ninja Frogs

In the book, Dragonbreath Attack of the Ninja Frogs three friends Danny, Suki and Wendell became friends. Suki is new to school, she moved from China. One day Suki got attacked by ninja frogs and Danny and Wendell saw it all so they tried to help her. They then the took all of the ninja frogs to the ninja castle. You'll have to read it to see what happens.:)

I think this book was OK... not a book I would read... just because its not my type of book.

Reviewed By Jaxen

Caldecott Challenge 2010!

Second grade students have until May 10th to complete a Caldecott Reading Challenge. This voluntary challenge encourages students to read the beautiful award winning books and complete a comprehension card about each book. Students need to read 12 Caldecott books in order to be invited to a Milk and Cookie Reading Celebration. This is a great program to work on perseverance and working toward a long term.

Why are these girls reading so intently...

...they are on a mission! The Annual Lewis and Clark 3rd Grade A to Z Mystery Challenge has begun! From now until May 24th any third grader may elect to read all 26 A to Z Mysteries by Ron Roy. It is amazing to see kids reading while taking a bathroom break and even while waiting to be picked up after school. Kids who complete the challenge are invited to a MYSTERY PARTY at the end of the school year. The time, place, and treat at the party is also mystery:). So, third grade, keep reading and responding to those books!