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Calling All Fourth and Fifth Graders

Hey, LC fourth and fifth graders...

What books do you think other 4th and 5th graders should read? (try not to include MT titles) Share the title and give a short summary of the book! Be sure to check back here for great book recommendations from your friends.


Sami said…
I like The Dollhouse Murders. I'm only in the middle but it's awesome so far. I love it!
Andrew said…
Harry Potter may look long, but they need to be that long for that much good information. They are really not that bad. I am reading the 7th and I really like it. J. K. Rowling is awesome.They are about a famous boy wizard who deafeated You Know Who( you'll find out who that is)when he a baby. The books tell about his adventures with his friends at his school.
jasmyn said…
I think evreyone should read the eric carle books there my favorite books. I think you will love them also.
Justen said…
I think everyone should read the Percy Jackson Series, talk about a great read! It follows Percy, a demigod (find the meaning by reading) who goes on mythical and epic adventourous. You NEED to read this!
Jordan said…
I think ALL the Peg Kehret books are good! One of her books, (my favorite of them all) is on next years Mark Twain list. The book is called Stolen Children. If you like that book, you will like all her books. Alot of kids in my class say that she is their favorite author. And with me that is SO true!!
Jordan said…
Sami, what is the Dollhouse Murders about?
Jaxen said…
I love the athuor Peg Kehret and all her books. The one i am currently reading is called Trapped it is so good and i will keep reading so i think all third fourth and fifth should read!!!!!!!
Lexie said…
I love Anne of Green Gables! Personally I love sad books and on this one I cried another Pacific Ocean.Anybody got any recomendations for sad books?

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