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The Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow

5,4,3,2,1 Kapow!

This book is fun filled with plenty of excitement.

You will go bonkers for Noel the Mole.

And honkers for Klaus the Mouse.

Willy the Worm is really wormy.

Keith, Ed, and Daisy are quite squirmy.

Lumpy Head Fred is very mighty and Brave Dave is not brave during nighty.

On Ruth's super scooter you will have a blast.

On Mike's bike you will go very fast.

For somewhere less spikey, read this book and say hello to the Big Fat Cow That Goes Kapow.

Reviewed by Sammy


Anonymous said…
Great review Sami. Awesome book I loved it!!! Keep reviewing guys!
Livi said…
Great review I loved it! Keep it up sammi
Tyler said…

My sister checked it out. She loves it. Keep up the great work.