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Welcome Back Lewis and Clark Students!

We are officially off and running or should I say off and learning in the Lewis and Clark Library Media Center. Each grade level is using the library to its fullest. Kindergarten is learning how to work and learn in the library. For the last couple of weeks they each have been checking out books! First grade is enjoying Show Me nominees and learning how to locate what they want in the everybody section. Second grade students are also enjoying Show Me nominees and are learning a computer program new to our school called Pixie. Third grade is exploring this essential question.. How do I find what I want/need in our library? Fourth grade is working through this essential question...How do you know that a book is one you love? Their interests and choice of genre is driving this instruction. The essential question for fifth grade is...How do you define yourself as a reader? We are examining what we know about ourselves as readers and using that information to learn a couple of programs that the kids will need to know to show their learning throughout the year.