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DNA Literature Festival 2011

Twenty two 5th graders were invited to attend the DNA literature festival organized by the Reading Reptile book store because they read all of the 2010-2011 Mark Twain Nominees. We were able to listen to Jennifer Holm and Tony DiTerlizzi talk about writing and their books. Read below to see what the kids thought of the event...

"The best part was seeing the draw offs and hearing about new books/series I might want to read." Andee


"The best part was getting to hear about how the 2 authors write." Hailey

"Lots of information (learning) even though not at school." Nathan

"I think it was so much fun and I enjoyed it." Zach

"The best part was getting to see one of my favorite childhood authors ( Jennifer Holm) even though she completely ignored me when I raised my hand." Allison

"I got to listen to two really cool authors talk about their books." Reilly

"An amazing experience and an incredible learning experience." Stephanie

"The best part of today was that both of the authors really expanded on how they write or draw, because they both took about an hour and usually at school authors only talk about a half hour." Melanie

"The best part was seeing best-selling authors present." Finn

"I got to learn how books are created." Jackson