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Reading Reptile DNA Literature Festival

Today, 14 fifth grade readers attended the literature festival at Rockhurst University. We met authors Patricia Polacco and Brian Selznick. They were great presenters. Read all about our experiences, opinions, and thoughts about the authors.


Paige said…
I really enjoyed doing this and thought that the authors were great. I had a lot of fun. I, personally liked Patricia Polacco the best, because she had a great personality and she told us about her life and brought stuff for us to see and touch, like the Wishing Rock in her book, METEOR. I liked Brian Selznick too, because he had a great sense of humor, but he was very eccentric, and had on purple skinny jeans, which was quite interesting...
Emily said…
At the literature festival we got to see two authors Brian Selznick and Patricia Polacco. My favorite author was Patricia Polacco because she had many life stories.My favorite part about listening to her was that she told me things that I never knew about her. Like she had trouble in school,and all her stories are true. While I was there I got to touch the wishing rock! This had to be the best feildtrip for me yet!
Andrew said…
Patricia Polacco and Brian Selznick were two very different authors and presenters. Patricia didn't talk about her books much, she talked about her childhood struggles and brought a piece of a meteor that inspired her first story.(We touched it.)

Brian, on the other hand was very funny and talked about his book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret. He showed us a silent film that inspired Hugo Cabret.

Overall, it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Megan said…
Today we went to the Rockhurst University. It was really fun! We met Patricia Polacco and Brian Selznick. Out of those two my favrotie was Patricia Polacco because she told us about her childhood and what she had to go through when she was young for example she disabled kid. Polacco also talked about her family, mostly her grandmother because of all the great stories she told her. She told us that she told Polacco that the stories you tell are always true to you but they may have not happened it's the adveture take with them. Brian Selznick was very interesting to me he gave alot about his adveture writing The Invention of Hugo Cabret He was great.
Whitney said…
Today, we went to meet Patricia Palacco and Brian Selznick. My favorite author we met was Brian Selznick because I love his book, Inventions of Hugo Cabret, and because he was funny and a great speaker. He showed us a movie called Trip to the Moon.
We also met Patricia Palacco. She had great stories and was very funny. We got to wish on a magic metor and she showed us a quilt that has been in her family for a long time because a girl named Anna sewed it with her mom, out of her favorite clothing. I had a really fun time and I hope I get to go back next year. :)
Jake said…
Today was great! When we went to see Patricia Polacco and Brian Selznick it was awesome! Polacco was really fun. She had the most amazing story. Apparently a meteor fell in her grandparents front yard when her mom was a kid and it granted wishes, and she brought part of it! It was really cool. Then we went to see Selznick and he was really funny. He told us all about how he wrote The Invention of Hugo Cabret. It was really cool to hear. He also showed us a really old movie called A Trip to the Moon. That movie was what inspired him to write Hugo Cabret. To hear their stories and everything that they've been through it's no wonder that they write such good books.
Caroline said…
I thought this was a wonderful experiance to see Brian Selznick and Patricia Polacco.They are both wonderfull.Patricia inspired me to be myself and not let anybody change me.Also I learned that most of her books were about family.She is Russian and she had a rotten red headed brother too!

Brian inspired me to actually study your goals and try your hardest to get to the goals. I also thought he liked to stand out because those purple pants said it all!:) but he inspired me to go out into the world and find who you are.
Kendall said…
I tought the Reading Reptile DNA Literature Festival was absolutly amazing!Getting to see Patritia Poloco was so stunning! She really connected with the audience and inspired -I think- alot of people to do greater things for the world! Including me. She told family stories, like when a meteore crashed on her grandparent's farm. (We even got to touch it, and make a wish.) But frist we had to go through a test to make sure we wern't selfish! I kind of wish she would have talked about her books more, but the experence was still wonderful!
Brian Snelznick was wonderful too! My first impression of him was a strange younger version of Clark Kent!(No offense.)Brian showed us some of process of writting his book and becoming a children's book author! We even got to see the slilent flim that inspired the book! He answered very good questions, and I can't wait till next year when I read all Trumans and Marktwains again! :)
Karsyn said…
The Great Lit Fest was amazing! It was fun, and the authors this year were very well-known and very, well, interesting. We saw Patricia Polacco first and she was very nice, her personality was great, and she was obviously in a good mood. She's the type of person who gives you hope. She was an LD child, and now she's a great author and illustrator. Although, her hairdoo was a little... off. If you've seen Jurassic Park 1, then the monster in it with the odd head thing, that would be her hair. Though I do respect her for being so out there, and not afraid of what people think of her. Brian Selznick we saw second. He was HILARIOUS! He had the best sense of humor!! He showed us a silent movie. He also narrated it. Funny, seriously funny!He also was wearing a sweater, purple skinny jeans, and converse shoes. Yeah... Authors are odd.

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