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Hip-Pocket Papa By: Sandra Markle

Hip-Pocket Papa is a nonfiction book about Male Hip-Pocket Frogs. These frogs are really tiny. They are no bigger than a human thumbnail. If I had to re this book one to five (one being the worst and five being the best)I would give it a four. I would give it a four because this book tells some really good and cool information about Male Hip-Pocket Frogs like Male Hip-Pocket Frogs have a lot of responsibilities. Here is a responsiblity that Male hip-Pocket Frogs, stay away from predators. BIG TIME! Do you know why this is a big responsiblity for the Male Hip-Pocket Frogs? Read this book to find out.

Reviewed by Melanie


Hello, Melanie,

I'm glad you enjoyed my book. Thank you for writing such a lovely review. You write VERY well.

Have you read my newest book BUTTERFLY TREE?

Sandra Markle