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Reading Adventure Nights

Well, our annual Reading Adventure Nights have come and gone for 2009. Over 320 Lewis and Clark students in 1st-5th grade stayed after school on Jan. 23 or Feb. 20 to participate in fun reading activities.

I can't thank the L&C PTA enough for supporting and sponsoring this event for our kids. They pay for our wonderful storyteller and for the pizza dinner each year. I appreciate CiCi's Pizza giving us a great deal on the close to 100 pizzas we consume on those evenings. I am so appreciative to have great administrators who will stay late on a Friday night so these events can happen for our kids. Parent volunteers make this night possible also. Parents get our snack ready and deliver it to rooms as well as serve pizza and drinks and monitor the kids while eating dinner. Lastly, staff members from LC run the student rooms for the night. I could absolutely not have Reading Adventure Nights without their help.

These nights are strictly fun for kids...we play pictionary with book titles, enjoy a reading room, create poetry stew to snack on while enjoying great poetry, play book title bingo, write great MAD LIBS, make bookmarks, and other fun activities. Each year we invite storyteller extraordinaire Kit Bardwell to mesmerize our kids with her storytelling abilities. It is amazing to see our kids enthralled with a storyteller and not a Nintendo or a Game Cube. The kids can hardly contain themselves as Kit keeps them in suspense as the ending of each story reveals itself.

Hey LC kiddos, tell me about your favorite memories from all the Reading Adventure Nights you have attended by commenting to this post. I can't wait to hear from you.

I look forward to Reading Adventure Nights in 2010!


Anonymous said…
I love Reading Adventure night because its so fun and all your friends are there. My favorite part is when we get to listen to the story teller tell awesome stories.We couldnt have a great night if it werent for all the teachers, and parents that help make this a great night!!! THANKS!!!
Tanner said…
I love Reading Adventure Night too! what was the name of the story teller? She was very good! I hope she comes back next year.
Anonymous said…
I loved reading Adventure night becase my best best friends were there. Another thing is the story teller. One more thing is i loved doing the comics thay were so funnyi loved to make up the story.
Justen said…
Reading Adventure Night was so cool! The stories that we listened too werre fascinating!The Activities we did were also fun!

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