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Page Turner's Book Club

Wednesday morning in the Lewis and Clark library is a busy time. Second through fifth grade students meet to simply read for pleasure. We also blog, adopt shelves, and write book reviews.


Mrs. Rosheim said…
I love coming to book club each Wednesday morning. It is great seeing all the kids around the library reading.
Madonna 2b said…
i love going to the page turners book club to just read.
Leyton 4B said…
I love Page turners book club! It is quiet and all you do you is read read read!
alyssa and Jami 2b said…
It is fun to be here
Madonna 2b said…
The "page turners" book club is an amazing place to be to just read.
kirsten said…
It is so awesome that you get to partner read and read on your own in the libary its cool and awesome.
Leyton4B said…
I love comming to page turners book club.You can read, blog, and adopt shelves!!! I love the library.
Addison Mrs. Baker said…
Page tuners is my life it's so cool and fun because all of my friends are here thank you Mrs. Rsheim for making this happen .
Madonna2B said…
I just love to read I think about it every wedneday I almost forgot about it today!!!!!!!!
chiara berry said…
I hope everybody loves pageturners.

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