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MakerStudio Coming To Lewis and Clark...Thank You Liberty School District Foundation!

I am so thrilled to announce that the LSDF awarded the Lewis and Clark Library Media Center an Excellence in Education Grant in the amount of  
$7, 849.00 to fund the new MakerStudio in our library. Dr. Palmer, Mrs.Lawson, Mrs. Haynes and I are really excited to bring this amazing space to our library and our kids.

I have been working for months (reading, learning, planning, making lists, visiting other MakerSpaces) on this endeavor and was so excited to have the check presented to me last night...June 17th.  I THOUGHT I was going to defend my grant proposal and answer additional questions the committee might have.  I was asked to speak before the group and briefly outline the grant, my goals, my justification, who it would impact, and the timeline for implementation.  I was VERY nervous because I really wanted to bring this space to Lewis and Clark.  When I was finished presenting, they awarded me the check right then and there!  I had no idea the decision was already made.  Mrs. Haynes and I have been awarded Learning Enrichment Grants in the past for up to $500.00  and the grant committee knew how excited I would get over $250.00 dollar grants. So instead of sending me an email that my grant was being funded, they wanted to see my reaction in person. Needless to say, I was surprised and so very excited for this opportunity for my school.  I was really glad that Dr. Palmer and Mrs. Haynes were in attendance because this project CAN NOT be done without their support and expertise.

Within our new MakerStudio we will have a:

  • Production Studio 
  • Create and Design Studio 
  • Literary Studio 
  • Logic Studio 
  • Challenge Studio 
  • Innovation Studio 

 These studios will be supplied with ipads, K'Nex, Legos, Lego programming, littlebits sets, Makey Makey kits, Sphero robotic balls, Gamestar Mechanic accounts, squishy circuits, crafting materials (origami, duct tape, calligraphy, box rivets, recyclables), games of logic, amazing storage for all of our resources, and we will be able to add materials as needed for kids' genius hour passion projects. I can't wait to see what our LC makers will learn, explore, and experience in our new space.


Katie Lawson said…
Lewis and Clark is so excited to learn in this new space! Thank you for your passion and desire to continue pushing all of us. Watch out world, there is not telling what the trailblazers will do!

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