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The Making Of An Elementary MakerSpace

So much has happened at Lewis and Clark since the end of May.  The library received a grant from the Liberty School District Foundation in the amount of nearly $8,000.00 to be spent on creating a MakerSpace.  Since being awarded that grant, my brain has not shut off.  I have been busy planning for great experiences, purchasing materials, and getting donations for our MakerSpace!

I knew that we needed a MakerSpace when I didn't have the resources my students needed and wanted during Genius Hour.  

Our MakerSpace will be located in the reading resource room in the library.  It will be very easy to access everything we need when we need it!  This is what the room has looked like at various stages during the summer months.

 Mrs. Carey and I relocated all the books in the picture below and our fabulous custodial staff has cleared out everything else.  

I was fortunate to find 3 shelves hanging around storage closets that will now be used in the space.  Thanks to Mrs. Carey for uncovering them and saving me a large amount of grant money that can now be used elsewhere.  I also found some organizational containers around my own house that I no longer used.  I made a very quick trip to IKEA in Minneapolis to pick up a few things as well.  It just so happened that it was MLB All-Star Weekend so Mr. Rosheim was more than happy to come along and help:)

Everything has been removed from the walls so we are almost  ready to paint and add a bit of maker pizzazz to the room.  Mr. Rosheim is putting our tables together.  I think I will need to add a third table.

Here are some of our new materials that have already arrived...I can't wait for our kids to begin learning, creating, problem-solving, and collaborating with one another using these new materials.  There is so much to be learned!

Our space will be a place to create using many different types of materials.  So I went to my go-to team, the LC staff.  I asked them to start saving recycled items for us to use in the space such as empty toilet paper and paper towel rolls, unused craft supplies, plastic bottles and lids, small boxes, oatmeal canisters, and large boxes. Many staff members and even friends have been saving great stuff for us!

 I have also been hitting the garage sale circuit to pick up tools, old electronics, and old mechanical toys to have available for our "how it works" table.

This cart holds a lot of our supplies!

I am so excited that I have this opportunity to bring a MakerSpace to LC.  I appreciate Dr. Palmer and Mrs. Lawson's support and confidence in this project for our kids.  It is such a great feeling to have an idea that has taken many hours finally become a reality.

Along with our MakerSpace, we will have a student MakerClub and  MakerNights where families can come in and create together.  If interested, LC students can work on designing the logo for our space to be used on signage and school to home communication.

Check back to see where this space takes us during the school year!


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