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The 2014-2015 school year has come and gone so it is time to reflect on the year to appreciate what was successful and to determine what needs to be improved upon for next year.  
Here we go...

THE YEAR IN NUMBERS (thanks Mrs. Haynes for your EPIC attention to data)

Page Turner Book Club: 1,759 student attendees
MakerKid's Club: 354 student attendees
Storytelling Club: 552 student attendees
Total Mark Twain Quizzes Taken: 697
Total KC3 Quizzes Taken: 537
Total Above and Beyond Readers:  40
Total Materials Circulated: 53,304
Total Number of Classes Taught: 1,056
Lewis and Clark Learns Blog Visits: 5,022
LMC Webpage Visits:  14, 967

  • Securing a grant to bring a MakerSpace to our library and watching the excitement and learning occur daily.
  • Setting up a production room and watching what was created because of it.
  • Kindergarten learning through the inquiry process.
  • Curiosity Club for first and second grade (Jr. Genius Hour)
  • Third, fourth, and fifth grade Genius Hour experiences.
  • Visitors from around the state coming to view our MakerSpace in order to create an awesome space in their own building. 
  • Having two Donor's Choose projects fully fund in less than a day!
  • Two AMAZING visiting authors...thanks LC PTA.
  • Watching kids embracing instead of fearing failure.
  • Taking risks and getting out of my own comfort zone.
  • Setting up a Global Day of play at my school.
  • Adding two new clubs to LC:  MakerKids and Blazer Builders.

  • Streamlining some of the organizational needs for Genius Hour.
  • Developing units of study for grade level projects.
  • Developing a loose timeline for the year.
  • Collaborate with other librarians in my district.
  • Figure out a way to establish and teach some basic maker skills that I need my kids to know.  
    • What an alligator clip is
    • The difference between a phillips and flathead screwdriver
    • Basic understanding of circuits
    • How to tear tape:)
    • Plugging and unplugging the ipads so the cords don't break:(
    • And so much more!
  • Figure out planning for an end of the year MakerExpo.
  • Plan a Lewis and Clark Maker's Day of Play (instead of Global Day of Play because my plans next year will set us back later in the year)
  • Working with some new materials that arrived toward the end of the year for our MakerSpace.  
  • Purposely plan how we will be using our 3D printer.  We will NOT be simply printing other's designs!


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