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Moving Right Along

The end of 2015 is bringing new units and much excitement to our Library Maker Center.  Here is the lowdown on what is happening...

Kindergarten kiddos have been working on a whole group research project trying to determine what animal our mystery skeleton belongs to.  After questioning and conducting research through print and online resources we determined that our skeleton belongs to a bat.  My kindergarten researchers will be working on learning more about dinosaurs while learning how to record what they learn by using picture notes.  We will share our learning using our MakerSpace resources.

First grade kiddos finished up their marble mazes (saved for our upcoming Maker Day of Play) a while ago and have been working on an insect inquiry unit.  We are learning to take great notes using PebbleGo, Britannica Kids, and print resources.  After our research is completed, kids will partner up and create a SuperBug by combining the best of both insects.  I am looking forward to seeing the kids create their SuperBugs in the MakerSpace.  I have been collecting interesting materials just for this project. We will also include a tech. component.  Several Liberty librarians have contributed to this idea...thanks Katie Fisher, Teresa Barnett, and Megan Bright.

Second graders are still working on our robotics unit.  We are a few days away from finishing up Lego WeDo learning and will begin working with Dot and Dash next.  The kids are so excited to utilize these two robots.  I am so thankful to have 6 sets for the kids to work with.

This is my first time ever using Lego WeDo kits with kids.  I can't believe how much the kids have grown and learned since our first day.  As I look back over the weeks, this is what I have witnessed from my second graders...perseverance (only 2 kids out of 4 classes gave up for a short time because they thought it was too hard), amazing collaboration, powerful problem-solving, responsibility to others, flexibility, creativity and imagination, high interest, and understanding that hard work pays off!

During our Maker Day of Play, second graders will demonstrate Lego WeDo and Dot and Dash.

Third graders have spent the last few weeks planning their arcade games.  We have planned and shared game ideas, come to final decisions, written game directions, gathered necessary supplies, and are now ready to begin constructing.  The excitement for building and creating is electric.  I love to see and hear their excitement for learning.  Some people may wonder why are we making arcade games.  This is why...we are learning to plan, design, follow through, change directions when plans don't work, develop new ideas, work with others, and share our creativity with others.

When we are done with our games, they will be played by ALL students at Lewis and Clark and will be showcased at our Maker Day of Play.

Fourth grade finished their catapult unit with great results!  We are now moving into learning about Stop Motion Video and Pixel Press Floors.  Students have done some quick research on both, had a day to experiment with each, and now are deciding which one they are most interested in learning more about. Because the kids had time to try these options out, THEY figured out that we need to think about backgrounds, building stands for our ipads that don't have them built in on the cases, and that you really need to have a good storyboard before beginning.  Both activities require planning, creativity, and trial and error.  Thanks to the LC families who sent in objects and toys for our Stop Motion projects. Thanks to Megan Bright for telling me about Floors!

MakerKid's Club was scheduled for 4th grade this month and kids took advantage of 12 stations including K'Nex, Lego vehicles, OLLIE, Lego WeDo, Dot and Dash, Cubelets, knitting, crafting, coding, and several others.

Fifth grade has planned, built and shared their Rube Goldberg machines. They have also failed, fixed, collaborated, problem-solved, showed flexibility in learning, and had a really good time learning! 3D printing is up next.  We of course will do a little research on 3D printing focusing on good note taking skills, citing our sources, and selecting best resources.  We will then move into mastering Tinkercad to design our own original items to 3D print.  I will be learning right along with the kids. This is my first time using a 3D printer!

Our Wednesday morning Page Turners Bookclub continues to have an excellent turn out with dedicated readers.

Thursday morning Storytellers are becoming masters at their craft.  Mr. Haynes is much appreciated! Members are looking forward to telling their stories to LC classes (and our Christmas celebration next week:)

December 18th is our deadline to read 8 Mark Twain or GKCRead nominees.  So many kids have meet this reading milestone already or are very close...KEEP ON READING!  We love treating kids to a hot chocolate bar on a cold January day to celebrate their reading and determination to read great books!

Our MakerSpace has had many visitors during the last month.  I love sharing our space and maker projects with others educators who are passionate and excited to offer great experiences for their own students.


Objects donated for Stop Motion Animation
Deep in thought while building Rube Goldberg machine
First Grade Insect Inquiry
Trying out Stop Motion Animation-using different ipad and Chromebook apps to decide which one they work with best
Sharing Rube Goldberg Machines with 4th graders

Hour of Code
Reviewing other team's arcade game directions.
December/January Display case-I keep it open so kids can actually checkout the books on display


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