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Family Maker Day of Play

This morning over 175 moms, dads, grandparents, and kids gathered at Lewis & Clark to participate in a Saturday morning of play.  From 9:00-11:30 families created, built, played, laughed, smiled, and connected with one another.  It was so heartwarming to see families having so much fun together.  

Stations were set up in five different areas of our school.  Cardboard arcade games made by our 3rd graders and PVC pipe building was located in our gymnasium.  Stop motion animation and FLOORS video games created by 4th graders were located in our 5th grade commons area.  In the library, families worked on Lego WeDo building and programming.  In the MakerSpace families could create with cardboard and recycled materials.  In the cafeteria, families could build with Legos, K'Nex, and TinkerToys,   Familes could also yarn bomb and play marble mazes designed and built by our 1st graders.  

Mrs. Norton, one of our kindergarten teachers is actively working on bringing an outdoor MakerSpace to our school.  She wrote and received a LPS foundation grant last fall and has been gathering and organizing the materials.  Today was the first time that kids have had a chance to try out the materials.  They were so excited and thrilled to get to build big with PVC pipe, connectors, gutters, and other cool things found among the aisles of a hardware store! One thing Mrs. Norton noticed right off is that many kids figured out that when you build big you need to work together with others to be successful. 

This morning could not have happened without the help of several people.  My administrators Dr. Palmer and Mrs. Ferguson were both in attendance.  Staff members Mrs. Haynes, Mrs. Norton, Mrs. Ferguson and Ms. Oyler all helped manage the different areas.  Mrs. Einerson was the driving force behind the fact that our MakerSpace got picked up and put back together.  Plus, a HUGE thank you to all the staff, parents, grandparents, and kids who helped transport all of the play materials back to the library efficiently.  As always, Mrs. Haynes stayed late to help me wrap everything up so we are ready for Monday morning.  

All the planning and prep for this morning was so worth it. Take a look at the video below to see what fun we all had together.


Anonymous said…
Thank you Mrs. Rosheim for sharing. Your post makes me think about when I made a game to! I wonder how do people make cool games? Do you think some time we can make a game together?
Anonymous said…
Thank you Mrs. Rosheim for sharing. Your post makes me think about when we played the marble mazes and arcade games. I wonder if we will create more marble mazes and arcade games? Do you think we will get to make marble mazes if we do? Have a good day.