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Summer MakerKid's Camp

Today was the first session of a summer camp that Mrs. Haynes and I are running for Lewis & Clark Makers!  Each day this week from 9:00am-Noon kiddos in grades 2-5 are participating in a wide variety of experiences encouraging iteration, perseverance, thinking, creating, problem-solving and so many more life skills. We charged $125.00 for the week of camp and ALL funds will go right back into the MakerSpace via supplies and new materials.

Our focus today was Lego Mania.  Kids worked with Lego WeDo and Lego Mindstorm (an 8 year old stated that the age requirement on Lego Mindstorm is wrong because you are supposed to be 10 to use them...he was currently on step 51 of 106 steps), Lego Movie Maker, Lego art, and wind powered Lego contraptions.  We are also building in time each day to work on a personal choice project.  

Tomorrow's theme is Rockin' Robots.  We will be coding, problem-solving, and creating with our various robots...Dot, Dash, Sphero, Cubelets, Ollie, and our newest robot, BlueBot.  Our BlueBots will be coming right out of the box so it will be a learning experience for all of us!  Again, the kids will have time to work on their own projects.  

Each day we will be focusing on one specific skill to help kids become the most successful they can be.  Today we focused on iteration and improving upon our work.  Mrs. Haynes encouraged kids to take photos of their work throughout the process in order to try to see where improvements could possibly be made. Our Lego art activity and our wind powered Lego contraptions promoted iteration fabulously.  We saw many kids working on their builds to improve them...yay!


Working on personal projects

Selecting materials 

Lego Creativity

Mindstorm Mechanical Arm

Lego WeDo

Hard Worker

Working through problems

Lego Movie Maker Scenery

Testing and Improving

This kid is a Lego GENIUS!

Still not giving up!