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NEKLS School Librarian Conference

I was very fortunate to be asked to present at the NEKLS [Northeast Kansas Library System] annual school librarian conference in Lawrence, Kansas.  My presentation was centered around Integrating MakerSpaces into School Libraries.  I am really glad that I attended the entire day as I learned a lot as well.  In the morning there was a great presentation about teaching students to recognize fake news and a really good session on new books for elementary library collections.  Following a really tasty lunch, there was a crowd sourced book talk for secondary library collections.  I then shared my info about MakerSpaces and the day ended with a public librarian sharing her MakerKits that rotate from library to library.  It was probably one of the most organized and informative one-day workshops that I have ever attended.  Anna Foote was in charge of the event and she did an amazing job!

Part of my presentation was a bit of hands-on learning.  We made "tricked out" bookmarks using led lights, button batteries, and conductive copper tape.  I had supplies for catapults but we just didn't have time for that.  

I love sharing my MakerSpace experiences with others.  I believe so much in learning through making that I want everyone to have the opportunity to teach with the maker mindset.  

Each week I have at least 2-3 emails from other librarians asking questions about MakerSpaces and library programming and I answer each and every one of them.  Please email me if you have any questions at  

Also, this Smore I created about MakerSpaces has had almost 22,000 views.  Hopefully it will help you as well.


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I knew that we needed a MakerSpace when I didn't have the resources my students needed and wanted during Genius Hour.  
Our MakerSpace will be located in the reading resource room in the library.  It will be very easy to access everything we need when we need it!  This is what the room has looked like at various stages during the summer months.

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