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Recent Events in the LC Library Maker Center

4th graders giving catapults a first try. Working toward building a catapult that will launch their pompom the farthest distance.

More 4th graders using teamwork to learn and problem-solve while building their first catapult.  I was thrilled to have a parent come up to me at the high school football game and tell me that the best part of their child's day was building catapults!

Kindergarten friends working with TinkerToys.  I learned something really important with my first class of kindergartners...not many of them had ever used TinkerToys.  So, I had to take a step back and just let them build and discover with them before moving on to what I had planned.  We will "practice" with them several times before we move on.  We also had to talk about how to take our creations apart.  Several pieces broke because they were bending the pieces down, rather than straight out.  Maybe that helpful hint will help someone else:)

First and second graders "inventing" a way for Rosie Revere Engineer's Aunt Rose to reach her goal of flying.  Kiddos drew their ideas (several kids had multiple ideas) then we used shape blocks to build them for our peers to see and question.

HUGE thanks to Liberty Lowe's Home Improvement Store for donating two galvanized garbage cans to hold MakerSpace supplies.  You may not know, but Lowe's is often willing to donate to schools.  Just stop in and pick up a request form and return it to the store manager.  

Fifth graders in our MakerSpace thinking and planning for their Rube Goldberg machines!  As Dominic said, "It is like we are shopping."  Indeed they were!  Shopping to make, produce, solve, create, collaborate and think.