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Simple Things!

A piece of brown roll paper and some Sharpies...that is all it takes to start a graffiti wall for kids to recommend or find a great book!

What can a simple chess board (or 3) do in your library?
1.  Ignite a passion to learn something new.
2.  Bring kids together to teach and learn from each other.
3.  Get kids' brains working strategically.
4.  Help kids make new friends at the beginning of the school year.
5. Encourage kids to learn how to win or lose graciously.
6.  Help kids realize that you don't always get what you want right away...sometimes you have to wait your turn.
7.  Help kids understand that sometimes you are wrong and it is OK to admit it. 


Neil said…
True story: We've had a chess set prominently displayed in the middle of our family room for the past couple of years. But it wasn't until Back-to-School Night -- when our youngest son discovered the little chess set in the library -- that he showed any interest in learning how to play. Now he's hooked!