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2014 Global Day of Play

Saturday, October 11th was an amazing day in our Library Maker Center.  We hosted our first Imagination Foundation Global Day of Play.  Families came together to play student made games and use their imaginations to create what they wanted out of cardboard.  

We had a fabulous turn out for a busy Saturday morning.  Families started arriving at 9:00am and the library was buzzing until 11:30am.  Kids came before and after soccer practices, dance lessons, and karate classes.  Kids came with friends, parents, and grandparents.  Some families stayed the entire 2 1/2 hours!  Some families just made, some families just played, and some families did both!

The interactions between siblings and families was fabulous.  Parents helping kids, kids telling parents how they could help, siblings helping one another, and even grandparents sharing time with grand kids.  

Since the MakerSpace has become part of our library program, many families have commented about how it has impacted their kids.  Several parents have said their kids have been making at home and one student even has created his very own MakerSpace at his house.  I love that kids are learning through making and following their passions.

Several staff members gave up their Saturday morning so the event could go off without a hitch.  Mrs. Haynes, Mrs. Norton, and Mrs. Daniels...thank you very much!

Photos from our event...


Jamie Miller said…
My kids LOVED showing their grandparents what they have been doing at school. Thank you for this opportunity!