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5th grade Rube Goldberg Machines

My fifth graders have spent the last several weeks working on Rube Goldberg Machines    They are now really excited to share the results of their efforts.
I have loved seeing their excitement for learning, working together, problem-solving, and even working outside of the library on their machines. 

Earlier this week my first class shared...the library was busting at the seams with kids.  Unfortunately, library is now a special class so we have set times that classes come in and that REALLY restricts some things I can do.  I asked my 5th grade teachers if their kiddos could stay through 4th grade specials so they would have time to set up their entire Rube Goldberg and share it with 4th grade.  The teachers were more than happy to have them stay longer:).  It was great for my younger kids to see that even the 5th graders face failure and learn from it as well.

This particular class decided that their Rube needed to pop a balloon to be successful.   Out of the 6 groups of kids, 5 successfully met the goal!  (We went through A LOT of balloons figuring out how to pop them!)  

Reflecting with both classes afterwards was really enlightening.  We talked about what worked, what failed, what they would do differently next time, how their planning process could change, what disappointed them, and what they had learned through the process.

I am really happy that I started the year with this project for my 5th graders.  It helped them learn what is in our new MakerSpace, get to know new classmates, persevere, and realize that failure is a great way to learn and move forward.