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Art Bots

For our last session of 2nd grade MakerKid's Club we created art bots.  I showed kids a simple example of an art bot, set out the supplies, told them what the end result needed to be, and set them off in small groups.  

We learned so much from this experience  

...sometimes we fail and we need to try again, and sometimes our second attempt fails also. 
...sometimes other people have great ideas.
...testing an art bot on the carpet is not as successful as on a hard surface.
...some markers work better than other types of markers.
...markers work better than crayons or colored pencils.
...because Mrs. Haynes is an engineer, we learned that our power source needed to be secured tightly so that energy wasn't lost.
...our power source worked better on the top or bottom of our container rather than on the inside the container.
...we learned how to open an electric toothbrush package without needing help:)
...we learned that putting the battery in correctly is really important.  
...we learned that the directions on packages can be really helpful when an adult wants you to problem-solve on your own:)