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September Happenings

Much is happening in our library.  We continue to strive for a balance of reading, making and thinking!

Yesterday and today we celebrated our summer readers with an ice cream reading celebration. In the past we have had one big party for all kids K-5. That usually means we have around 130 kids in the library enjoying ice cream with yummy toppings.  We have noticed that our kindergarten kiddos tend to get lost in all ice cream madness.  So we changed things up a bit this year and our kindergarteners celebrated their reading with ice cream bars yesterday afternoon in the warm September shade.  

Storytelling started this month.  What a great group we have!  They are so dedicated and excited for our storytelling sessions.  Each week they have a short assignment and the kids have amazed us by remembering what they need to do from week to week.  Our resident storyteller is Mr. Eric Haynes.  He is so good with the kids...they absolutely love him and the stories he tells each week. After a few weeks of getting comfortable with one another, we are getting ready to select stories and learn the art of storytelling. Another plus this year is we have an amazing 5th grade storytelling mentor who is helping with the group.  Madison is a fabulous storyteller who has had experience telling stories at a local storytelling festival. Mr. Haynes and Mrs. Haynes both recognized her talent and passion for telling stories and provided her with the info about the festival. 

This morning was our first day of Page Turner's BookClub for the 2015-2016 school year.  We meet EVERY Wednesday that school is in session up to the very last day of school.  We start the year with 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade readers.  In January, 2nd graders are invited to join the group.  Younger siblings of book club members are also invited to come and read so that parents do not have to make two morning drop offs.  As a club we read, adopt shelves to care for, write book reviews, and blog about books.  

The new topic for our wonder center is ROCKS AND MINERALS.   Our center has a questioning notebook, 5 boxes of labeled rocks and mineral, books about rocks and minerals, and several magnifying glasses so the kids may further examine the rocks and minerals.  There is also a rock in the center that traveled to a very interesting place in the world.  I am giving the kids 1 or 2 clues a week in order to have them figure out where the rock has been.  Stay tuned if you want to find out where it has traveled!


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